LuRain Penny: 3 Autobiographical Poems




 Big City




Whose poor sweet child are you?

Eyes all black and blue.

Nose busted, bruises abound. 

Sure turned out bad for you in this town.

Smashed up, swollen.

Gazing out lost.

What it took you to get here

 weren’t worth the cost.




Dancing on the thin ice


 Wanderers seldom marry.

Old habits do not die.

A spouse is hard to carry.

When life is on the fly.

Desertion is the answer

if ties begin to bind.

Then the fancy dancer

 leaves trusting hearts behind.




The Blaze

That Took Jimmie Rays


One toke.

Up in smoke.

Here’s the joke.

Left out and broke.




Ode To Age


I am not pristine. I am weathered.

My flesh bears the mark of all my indulgences and injuries.

It was I who stumbled, my body fell.

I love my carriage now.

It has borne me along all these years. 

I know it, recognize it as mine, am grateful for its service.

A home for my soul, twisted no longer.

Come through the dark night, my starling, and shine.





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