Sharing isn’t Socialism, it is Altruism – LuRain gives of herself






The lady I live with suggested we work on a month of good behaviour, to help take our minds off the economic crunch. We have chosen to start with caring for others more than ourselves.

We gone around the house, boxed up all the things we don’t use or wear to take down to the Salvation Army today. 

I am donating all the pants that the nursing home tried to get me to put on while I was having the rehabilitation for my stroke some years ago.  They been sitting in the closet collecting dust since I left the place.

I told the nurses there, what with the incontinence and me having no working thumbs, pants was not a good idea. 

 I was prevailed upon. 

We tried the snap to, the draw string; finally settling on the elastic band. 

I wore them for awhile, under protest. Then the unthinkable happened.

When I was able to go about in public, I was taken to the city symphony we have here.  As a suburb of Vegas, this is truly the hind leg of culture. So it is a real joy to have a group like this in town.  It was a most pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon, I can tell you. 

I wanted to congratulate the conductor, but the crowd was crushing around him.  I decided to abandon my wheelchair and walk over to where he was holding court, using my cane.  After a few minutes, he acknowledged me and I was able to shake his hand to tell him how much I enjoyed the show. 

He had a really odd look on his face the whole time.  I’d call it quizzical terror.  I couldn’t figure it out.  Then he did a slow dash backward – escaping through a doorway behind him.  A man rushed up to me, all embarassed. 

My pants had fallen down and were wadded around my ankles. 

 Thank God I thought to put on tidies.

A ladys private parts are tucked up neatly where they belong but 

my veiny legs was hanging out for all to see. 

I will never wear pants again!


In this world of so much waste and excess, there is no reason not to recycle the unnecessary. 

I know there are folks who toss out a shirt if the button has come off, or throw away pairs of perfectly good shoes.  Why make someone have to dig through all the scummy garbage to find something which might help them out? 

The selfishness in this world will kill us stone dead. 

Even the poorest of us have junk we will never use, which could benefit someone else. 

I advocate a community give away, once a week. 

All the neighbors just go outside and trade around the stuff they don’t want.  What’s left can be donated to shelters and organizations. 

Of course this flies in the face of buying new and tossing crap. We can’t just keep adding to the pile of shit we are accumulating.   We just beginning to regret our wastefulness, mark my words. 

You haven’t lived until you starved.


Haven’t the signs abounding, clued us into the fact that we are drowning in a morass of refuse, and poisoning ourselves by stuffing our faces with fat, salt, attendant perservatives, colorations and God knows, whatever they are sweeping up from the factory floor? 

As a lifelong addict of the less healthy contributions to this world, I can tell you, it is what you renunciate that makes you stronger.

Though it is anti-capitalist to say this, don’t buy anything unless you need it. 

Don’t just open up the package and swallow it down, unless you have read the label and know what is supposed to be in it.  Even then, don’t trust that what they telling you is true.  Didn’t the pet food debacle teach us anything? 

More. more and more is not the solution to our problems. 

Just cuz you can afford to have every light on, every appliance, every t.v. and all eight air conditioners running at the same time, doesn’t mean it is good for the world to do so.  Rolling blackouts hit the poor folks hard. Try living in a trailer in 120 degree weather with no electricity. 

Consider the Easter Islanders, cutting down the last tree.  What were they thinking? 

Greed overwhelms common sense, morality, and social responsibility. 

Do what you can to make this planet a better place. 

Share, care and be aware. 

I guess I rambled on enough. 

I going to have some homemade soup, watch Perry Mason, and contemplate his solid integrity.

Thanks for your attention.









3 thoughts on “Sharing isn’t Socialism, it is Altruism – LuRain gives of herself

  1. Lurain

    We have a couple of days a year down here in Australia – called bring out your dead day! Everyone puts everything they want to get rid of down by the kerbside and the rest of the neighbourhood have a scavenge through it all to see whats worth having/keeping. Anything left by the end of the week gets collected up by the local shire council and either recycled where it can or disposed of safely (in the case of car batteries etc). A lady friend of mine makes it her business to go around to all the different shires having one of these days and collecting usable stuff. She then cleans it up and donates to shelters or sells it on at swap meets! She has make quite a bit of cash out of other peoples “rubbish”. Not to mention furnishing her house in a very eclectic fashion!

    Love Lizzy

  2. My dear friend,

    I have missed you so much. You folks down under are ahead of the curve. I wish people here would think with community in mind, but alas, the independent nature of Yanks makes sharing a hard concept to wrap pointy little heads around. They’d much rather toss it and go.

    I am honored you are following along here in my not myspace spaces. I just love dictating the blogthings.
    Did you see the goofy new little filmette we did?
    8 Things Men Crave in Men – the illustrated version – on the Espousal page.
    We got two more planned by the end of the year.
    I hope you stop back by.

    Much love to you, darling Lizzy,

  3. I have just found the 8 things! Bloody brilliant! I love it :). I try to keep up with all your writings. They never fail to amuse, enlighten, inform and sometimes even move me. Keep it up honey :)

    Lately I have been sooooo busy that its been difficult keeping up with the fun things. However, I have just managed to catch up with both your blogs.

    Love as always


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