Stages of Intoxication – part 1 by LuRain Penny


Getting drunk is easy.

Sometimes you can go there on one drink.

Otherwise it can take all night.

Intoxication has stages, like everything else.

If you pay attention, you can be a Maintenance Drinker during social events.

Trust me here – I got the games alcohol can play sussed.

Remember always – it is an unpredictable drug by nature.

Because there are so many mixtures, lables, strengths, and places of origin – can’t expect to react the same way everytime.

How if effects you depend on food in your gut, mood and temper.

Once drank a fifth of Rumplemintz.

Hell – it just peppermint schnapps.

Turned out it 150 proof.

Lost control of my legs then everything below the navel.

 Heaved it up all over a neighbors car.

I can’t for the life of me even smell no mint now.

And that was years ago.


The first stage of drunkeness is what I call –

The Softening.

That is – after the first beverage hit your blood and you begin to feel its warming sensation.

You notice a extra senstivity to your skin.

Though you can focus – that ability seems to widen – maybe get a little sloppy.

Not a good idea to drive even after a single drink.

Though alcohol seems at first to be a stimulant – it is in fact a depressant.

It flows through your body in the bloodstream to effect every organ.

Slows you down.

Blurs the edges.

Thought to Reflex – a titch late.


In stage 1, Life is wonderful – all people beautiful or at least funny –

and food, if you still hungry, taste great .

You might even eat a ton – which is good as it densifies the impact of the alcohol.

Laughter comes fast at anything

Temperature rises – you throw off confining garments.

Might get a clumsy but at this stage it is cute – even to others –  kinda fumbly and childlike.

Pretty much you feeling terrific.

It all more interesting and sensuous.

On top of the World.


If you can stay in The Softening, you’ll have a stellar time and remember it too.

After a few more beverages, your brain becomes confused.

Stage 2……






artwork by codifyer




4 thoughts on “Stages of Intoxication – part 1 by LuRain Penny

  1. Hi LuRain;

    I hope everything is well with you and I apologize for not dropping in more often.

    Spring is springing now and I love the outdoors, so I am not into blogging as much when there is so much to do out there.

    Thanks for being my friend LuRain :)

  2. No need to explain, my friend.
    Glad you’re feeling more chipper.
    come on over when you feel like talking. BTW – still working on the advice column – got another question from a fan – we going to put things together this weekend. How about – Penny Wise?

  3. But what if I’m from Shri Lanka, and I don’t have the same social cues about alcohol that you have? To me, alcohol is simply a chemical that impairs my ability to walk, and makes me feel bad. All of the magical properties that your culture puts on the drinking experience sound great, but just don’t seem to exist outside your social arena. Maybe you’ve “learned” to feel the softening? Can you teach me to feel it? I’m afraid it really isn’t there.

  4. Marlatt,

    You are right. Our culture puts all the trimmings on the alcohol tree. I have been remiss in following up this blogthing with the next stages, which are not so pretty.
    The first stage is the best, but most folks don’t stay there.
    Chemically speaking, the ‘softening’ occurs as soon as the drug hits the system. Everything loosens up.
    But as it may take one sip to create this effect, (and who is going to stop at a sip?), it don’t take long to reach deleterious reaction.
    Believe me, as a lifetime addictee I ain’t trying to talk you into imbibing.
    You should stay wary of this drug.
    The next stages really tell the tale most drinkers don’t want told.
    Thanks for stopping by.

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