Stages of Intoxication – part 2 by LuRain Penny



Let me continue on the road to Oblivion.

As I stated before, my acquaintance with this drug is intimate –  of life long duration.

I am expert victim from all the tricks up it’s voluminous sleeve.

From the first sip, booze travels through the body with lightening speed.

It starts by softening you up.

Relieving tension and removing barriers.

I don’t begin to understand the chemistry behind the alchemy, but I sure know how it feels.

Stage One  – The Softening –  happens almost immediately.

This is the most benign stage – if you can stay there experience will be pleasant and memorable.

Since it takes only one taste to start the process, a second swig can send you into Stage 2 rapidly.

Especially when you got your drinking boots on.

Stage Two – Party Animal

This is the period where inhibitions fall away and boundaries of behaviour obliterate.

Running around naked with a lamp shade on your head at the office party happens here.

You talk loudly – expansively on subjects you know nothing about – with complete conviction of authority.

Then forget everything you have been discussing soon as distraction presents itself.

Emotions sensitize – growing unstable; laughing, crying, joy irritation mingle sporadically.

Your body becomes restless as the mind pops in fizzles.

Body image inflates, pheromones release to swirl around you.

You are convinced of your attractiveness – in ability to perform.

(If you stop now, you might be able to as the evening progresses.)

Stage 2 is a suggestive advertisement to all comers.

Your stamina for gyration increases, dancing unexhausted for hours.

Food is not so much delicious as sensuous.

You relish it not because you are hungry but because the acting of consuming is delightful.

 If you smoke, you do so non-stop, as drinking plus smoking are hand in glove like fish and chips.

Often you forget you have a ciggie burning before lighting another.

The Tobacco Companies love stage 2 – many butts just burn away un-smoked – causing you to buy a second pack, or a third at inflated bar prices.


The natural instincts of self preservation begin to dwindle.

You  liable to involve yourself with folks who do not have your best interests in mind.

Then not notice they are viewing you with a raptors eye.

You still think you can drive. This is where you need a designated driver.

Never Drink and Drive

Likker completely annihilates your sense of perspective and distance.

In stage 2 you already a hazard to yourself and others.

I avoided this situation by simply never learning – I was driv or I stumbled.

It don’t take much to get to this stage, especially if you imbibing on an empty stomach or have low threshold.

Before too long – you get wobbly then pliable.

Taking a pee is hilarious also messy.

Drooling or spitting not out of the question.

You approaching Stage Three ……





artwork by codifyer







6 thoughts on “Stages of Intoxication – part 2 by LuRain Penny

  1. Love you Penny!
    I know something about drinking. I’ve had my share – and your share – and about everybody on the block’s share. I wish I could just wash away my feelings and keep the judgment, but alas, the alcohol demands I give up all. I just love that feeling you get: ruling the world from a high chair!

  2. Loving and pliable and prone to raptors, yes, that pretty much sums up my stage 2 experiences. Oh tequila, you are no friend of mine.

  3. Oh the “oh I wish I had’na done thats” as a result of two too many. Yikes. Sounded like a fine idea under the influence, sober, a shameful disaster.

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