Stages of Intoxication – part 3 by LuRain Penny


We coming to the dropping off point.

After this – it all a spiral down.


Stage Three – Abandon

This is the most dangerous of all the stages.

The robust glow of Stage 2 catches fire – moves to conflagration.

I spent most of my adult life in Stage 3 intoxication.

Personal details will be sketchy.

Start off drinking breakfast – I skipped stages 1 & 2 – straight for the gusto.

A chronic alcoholic can achieve stage 3 quickly.

 Many times without anyone noticing.

The individual may appear the same as a moment before.

Only when it is too late do the warning signs show themselves.


First thing might tip you off someone crossed the threshold – they start switching drinks.

Mixing the grape and the grain, we used to say –

going from wine to hard likker and back.

Not limiting theyselves to drinking from their own glass – they will help themselves to any not being held on to tight.

Cigarettes slip loose fingers.

Conversation gets sarky or snide.

Accidentally on purpose.

You realize they looking right at you but a film has formed over their sight.

They are blind drunk.


Stage 3 is a careen out of control.

By this time, booze inundates the personality.

Boundaries are shot to Hell.

So drowns Self.

What crowds the surface is crazy shit held checked by morals, integrity, honor, faith and fear.

Violence is rampant in stage 3.

Here folks run stoplights – smashing into minivans.

Husbands beat their wives, wives the kids, kids poor dog.

I once punched a guy on the nose while in stage 3 just because a split second happened.

Phil Spector was there when he shot that poor woman.


Stage 3 numbs everything.

You can ball all night still never cum.

Put your cigarette out on your arm without feeling.

I knew a guy who crashed out of a window onto the street.

Bounced off the pavement, got up – staggering away.

This lack of sensitivity permeates everything.

Stage 3 has no patience – sympathy, understanding,  no mercy.

In the first two stages, a body might sober up fast during emergency.

By stage 3, it usually too late.

When William Holden pitched over, falling through that glass coffee table, he bled out.

His stage 3 drunkenness wouldn’t let him get up off the floor to save himself.


Though some folks may experience lapses of memory at stage 2, it is in this stage that true Blackout occur.

Blackout drunks are wildly scary.

Dangerous to everybody including themselves.

Functioning zombies.

Can see their bodies but minds is absent.

What really horrifying they are talking, walking, also driving around like that.

A chronic 3rd stager will always experience blackout.

That’s part of the appeal. Removes any sense of responsibility.

Stage 3 is chemically induced Absolute Denial.


If the addict is adding other drugs to this state – the effect can be murderous insanity.

The only saving grace of stage 3 is that it won’t take too long before the physical system shuts down in shock.

Leading to Stage 4 – Comatose …





artwork by codifyer






3 thoughts on “Stages of Intoxication – part 3 by LuRain Penny

  1. Spread your word LuRain, that’s the soberest diatribe you’ve given so far! Yuk! I thank God there is a muddy roadblock where 1 gives way to 2 for me. But I still feel those “spirits” are a jockey-less pony.
    My theory is, EVERYONE who drinks regularly is an alcoholic. It’s easier to than trying to imagine some line on the glass where we pass into “disease”.

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