Stages of Intoxication – parts 4 & 5 by LuRain Penny



Come now to the last Stages of Intoxication.

Not pretty. Must be told.

To expiate my experience.



Stage Four – Comatose

Toxed to the max.

Poor heart beats frantic.

Excruciating pain pounds the head.

Laying down just bring everything up.

Vomit – a hideous blessing.

Dry heaves –  ain’t nothing left to lose.

Reality spins – a Tilt a Whirl ride.

Flat on a cold stone floor – trying to keep falling off.

Shame; nameless, unrelenting, devastating.

Blankness – like a zipper on a body bag – runs from feet to face.

Passed help.

Passed care.

Passed hope.



Stage Five – Oblivion

Sleep without dream.

Dead to the World.



 Tomorrow is another day.






artwork by codifyer




5 thoughts on “Stages of Intoxication – parts 4 & 5 by LuRain Penny

  1. I want to thank all the folks who have sent me worrying emails, convinced I off the wagon and on full toot.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    I’m just recounting the past.
    Artistic Expression.
    Tolstoy said – write what you know.
    I know booze very well.
    Thanks for your kindness.
    I ok.

  2. Hey LuRain;

    You and I have something in common, we both know bro booze very well.

    I’m glad your still kicking the can and hope to see more of your experiences on this blog :)

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  4. Miss Penny,
    I will repeat myself, as I commented just 30 minutes ago on a Snapage (but how do I know you will go there). I am hot on the trail of an old friend, and I think she might be the lady you live with. My step-daughter caught a lead and made a connection and sent us a Christmas copy of Guns on the Clackamas, which motivated me to try again to use this tech sleuth to track her down. I don’t use this much, but I might be having some success. That photo of the 2 of you riding that bumper thing somewhere in Oregon, well, I feel I’m getting close. And LuRain you are looking marvelous, the artist has a unique insight into your soul. Hope that lady will let me know how to drop a line and say hello.
    Yours truly, Ms. Milne

  5. Well, howdy Ms. Milne,

    I has been a coons age since we seen you. Yes, I think you found us. The lady I live with do all the typing, so I’ll let her get in touch by the email. Hope you all is well, happy and the years been good to you.
    Thanks for looking us up!

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