Miss Penny Takes a Trip – postcard #1



Bumpers Cars pstsm



11 thoughts on “Miss Penny Takes a Trip – postcard #1

  1. OMG!! It’s a bumper car in Seaside! Imagine how wonderful it is that they still exist!
    Hooray for you two, wish I was with you!

    xoxo Judy

  2. The lady I live is the artist who do the fiddling with the snaps.
    She probably knows.
    I don’t begin to understand.
    Thanks for the kudos!
    Stop by soon again!

  3. I Love the photo! You are looking good my friend. The photo also brought back fond memories of our trip to the coast years ago!!!


  4. Hey LuRain. Nothing much to say, just dropping by to see what’s up. I never know where the latest thing is on your site, so I just pick something and go from there. Hope you’re well.

  5. The lady says the latest thing on the site is the top thing under Recent Dictates.

    Glad you stopped by. She been so busy fiddling with photos since our return I haven’t got an word in edgewise.

    Hope all is well with you, sweetpie.

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