Miss Penny on the Pope:: heretical opinion from last in a long line of lapse Cats



 I don’t blame the Church for the way folks take the Teaching.

Nor blame Jesus Christ for the Catholic Church committing unspeakable acts in his name for 2 thousand years.

Did you know that when a Cardinal, Ratzinger was the Grand Inquistitor of the Church?

I never knew much about the Inquistion, till I started watching the History Channel.

Of course the Vatican’s re-named it the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith now.

The former term conjured up too manywoodcuts of garroting, thumbscrews, winding of entrails, and immolation.

You can put lipstick on a pig,  still be scared to kiss it.


Ratzinger quoted as saying “Revelation terminated with Jesus Christ.”

Apparently, as His Holiness failed to reveal  child molesting priests on his watch.

He kept them hidden.

 Land O’Goshen.

Even the halt and the lame can be gifted by inspiration direct from the Maker.

Myself can attest.

No one has a corner on that market.


There is the spectacle of his red shoes.

A girl’s gotta dress.

Red as a symbol been aligned in history as sex, blood, revolution – devil.

Is there an undercurrent of sarcasm in his choice? 

Vanity, a sly conceit?

Can you see Jesus sporting red shoes?

Where are dem golden slippers that walk the golden street?

Pride goeth before the Fall, children.

None of us is without sin.


Never mind.

All is forgiven.













artwork by codifyer










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