My Love of Perry Mason by LuRain Penny

Perry Mason is my hero.

I gave up a good career to watch him everyday.

Got me through my stroke.

Music of the show was terrific.

Still can’t get enough.

What they did in a few seconds with a couple of  instruments not trumped to this day.


Watching it put me back in the 50’s.

Pretty much a blur for me in real life.

I re -live Time as it might have been.

When women wore hats.

I love hats.


The writing make me laugh out loud to this day.

Some of the wisest and wittiest dialogue on the t.v.

Got some quotes on my State of Espousal.


More than these is the solid character of Mason.

A trustworthy man.

Always got your back.

Spoke words of honor – justice – beauty – integrity.

Not fashionable much today.

Never met such a man.

He is one of the great loves of my Life.

Even though fictitious.

Takes one to know one.






artwork by codifyer






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