LuRain Penny on Princess Diana and Mother Teresa



Anniversaries are watersheds.

They allow us to remember and evaluate.

Events that happened thousands of years ago are still in our modern memory.

Most are forgotten as the participants pass on.

Nowadays  who spends a minute commemorating the McKinley assassination or the Crash of ’29?


I watched Diana get married.

Give birth.

Dance with Travolta.

Radiance of a living jewel.

The night she died – I had a powerful, vivid dream.

Bonded with her as she lay in the car.

 Her chest crushed.

The rasp of escaping breath – while lights flashed- men shouted.


Helpless for too long.

Exposed by the shock of regret.


I woke weeping.

Huge sobs of grief shook me to my core.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, for the agonies of this World.

I wish to take them all away.

Right now.


Diana’s life just go to show – beauty, money, fame and a fast car – still come up against the wall in a blind Blat.



 The revelation that Mother Teresa had lost her faith – as she began working with the wretched in India –  struck me deeply.

 She wrote long letters to friends and her advisor in the Church.

Describing her torment at being empty of feeling, without light, absent of God.

I am flabbergasted that a woman as saintly as she – felt exactly as I did for most of my existence.

She speaks of the blackness that enveloped her core – masking her soul.

I been there.


Fortunately – I went Beyond Oblivion.

Off world in a drug-induced religious experience that lasted 20 years.

While exploring the Universe in my mind – I was gifted with many impressions – which ultimately led to my healing.

Knowing that All are pieces of a greater Whole.

However you quantify that.

In Itself miraculous.

No Evil in the Universe.

We got it all down here.


Mother Theresa found no comfort or relief, either through faith or good works.

Spending too much time around humans beings can dismay the most righteous of us.

It is difficult to imagine Loving Intelligence – when it is so sorely lacking in one of Its most complex creations.

Let me express our gratitude for the great acts of mercy and charity Mother Teresa accomplished.

Also for Diana’s beauty and grace.

You never know what someone is bringing to the party.

They died within days of each other.

They were partners somehow.

Both good heart – each troubled.

At opposite ends of the spectrum.

In the trenches together.

We are linked in ways we have but scant understanding.


Anniversaries allow us to atone, for failure in the face of pressure.

Those who do not take advantage of this opportunity – waste a valuable lesson in forgiveness.

Doomed to repeat their mistakes.

It is a time for contemplation – both globally and personally.

How far have we come in the year – where are we now?

Have we changed ? Did we learn anything?


Ritual memory encourages gratefulness.

We still alive – while many are not.

We have loved ones – possessions, dreams, hopes, future plans.

Be glad of it.

Thankful for every moment of safety, laughter and peace on our spectacular planet.

Grief, atonement, reflection and gratitude.

If these reactions are allowed honest expression – the process completes itself in enriched experience, closure and renewal.

Life’s a bitch and then you start over.

Treat each other gently.

Thanks for your attention.





I just heard on the T.V. that scientists have found a gigantic empty place in the Universe:

no planets, no black holes, no stars, nothing. 

Maybe the darkness Mother envisioned was Source.

It confused her because that is not what we have always been taught to believe.

Who knows? 

Consciousness expands through Movement

Light and Sound is just bells and whistles.



artwork by codifyer




14 thoughts on “LuRain Penny on Princess Diana and Mother Teresa

  1. Katrina ’05 a bomb in the loin of American soul and culture. An anniversary we don’t seem to buy our way out of and an spiritual obligation I just can’t seem to meet. Just maybe, dark clouds are a part of the Plan and maybe even “Brownie” did do a “heck of a job”. What would Mother T have to say to the Michael Browns of the world?

  2. Not much these days – she is beyond the care of such things.

    We are the ones who must be responsible, atone and make amends.
    I think the greater the shock – the less folks like to dwell.

    You are right about Katrina, my friend. Heads should still be rolling over the failures involved. Denial prevails.

    Just wait – the California fires could knock out all communications – feds, airtraffic, tv, the whole gamilla – then we might get the picture.

    Shit has left the fan. The Piper come for his pay.

    Thanks for your thoughts.



  3. Hey LuRain. You inspire with your words – the sense and sashay of them, and the abundance of them; I wish I had half your energy for writing. School’s back on and so my holidays have begun, when I finish the day’s allotted chores I can paint and write and think to my heart’s content, or to its discontent some days, but always (I believe) to its edification. Hope you’re well.

  4. Dear LuRain,

    This has been a troubling, and yet fascinating contribution. The ant, worm, green fly, millipeed etc, think they live in hell. If only they could see things through the eyes of the gardener (which is the road we’re striving to be on.) I’m going to stick my neck out here, but every now and then we can have an easy life. i.e your destiny is mapped out for you. Mother Theresa locked into blind catholicism, Lady Di into blind historic fulfillment. The tough bit is when you are equally talented with the power to demonstrate practical love, equally bestowed by God, but like his glorious power, real as it is, it’s still a poker hand. He’s teaching us. Paul once said ‘ Ye are gods in the making’. It’s one of the few passages of the bible that make sense to me.

    I’m hanging in there with the sinners, barack room boys, and you. We’re way ahead of them all! Because we still worship, and recognise as central essence of God’s power. Love

    Much love as always,

    Your friend, Trev

  5. Shara,

    Thank you for such a wonderful compliment.

    Glad you getting more time to yourself. I love that word ‘edification’ , going to add it to my vast vocabulary, had the lady I live with look it up for me – Thank God for the!
    You keep on getting edifyed, that’s the ticket to bliss.

    We’ll drop by to see what you up to soon.
    Much love,

  6. Trev,

    As usual, Trev, my friend, you stun me. So much to ruminate on.
    I not sure them critters cogitate in the way we figure – I surmise they understand viscerally that they are inside the Whole. Least wise our old dog did, that’s how I can tell. When the rains come down to wash them all away – they don’t cease to be, just change places.

    I believe our intellectual individualism has took us away from being able to make God of ourselves. We too locked in our head observing the outside like it was out there.

    Ask and ye shall receive has been forgot, and replaced with utter dependence on materiality. Instead the snake and the apple – it’s the tycoon and the candy bar. Ha!

    What would I do without you spurring me to feats of deliberation? I may never set an eye on you in the flesh – but your being is precious to me. Don’t leave it so long between visits, ok?

    Much love to your family,

  7. Sometimes darkness is good. To rest the eyes, to sleep and contemplate in dreams. To awaken and appreciate the illumination.

    Thankful for those like Diana and Teresa for letting their lights shine, even when uncertain. Hard to see it when you are the source.

    Reminds me of my favorite sunday school song…this little light of mine, i’m gonna let it shine….

  8. this is just so lovely LuRain! I must admit that Mother Teresa never appeared to be filled with happiness. I can well imagine facing the immense human suffering that she did, that her soul was weighted with questions. It makes no sense to me sometimes why humans must suffer if we live under the protection of a merciful God. If she was not pressed to serve god by ministering to the needy, then I wonder why she did? Lovely thoughts as always LuRain. Hugs My Dear! Maria

  9. Hi Maria,

    So glad you stopped by. I think dear Mother Teresa got trapped in calling and knew no way out – think of the public censure. Being Catholic – she probably figured it her cross to bear so to speak.
    I hope when she ascended – she found clarity or at least a warming embrace & a hearty cuppa tea.

    Be over to see you soon.

  10. Miss Jean,

    A profound observation – hard to see the light when you are the source.
    I will cogitate on that while I smoke.

    Thank for your thoughts. Keep Shining!


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  13. yours was the only remembrance of Diana i have seen. She passed right after my five-year-old son, Forrest, Aug. 22 & Aug. 31. I was still in too much shock to feel much for her, though I had sensed in her wedding, that vast train dragging behind her, that she was being overcome. But what I remembered was that she had been a Kindergarten teacher, and my son was five–just ready to enter Kindergarten in Her Heavenly School! Thank you 4 being you. I love you.

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