Another Grassy Knoll Anniversary – LuRain on November 22




Sadly, I am one of the few folks in this country can’t remember where I was during that fateful day.

There was much self abuse back then, and I was on the bottle full throttle.

However, I can still see in my mind’s eye, the cops walking Oswald into Ruby’s gun.

Along with every man, woman and child watching the t.v., saw my second murder of the week.

And of my life.

As it turned out, they were just the beginning of a string – Malcolm X, Kent State, Bobby, King – playing out against the backdrop of carnage in Viet Nam.

The Roaring 20’s ended with market crash, depression, and Dust Bowl.
The 60’s in recession, Watergate, and disillusion.

It seem to me that Time is not linear, but cyclic.

What go around, keep going, round and round.

Perhaps this is the way of things.

Don’t have know the real truth of how the assasination of Kennedy was pulled off.

We are still being deceived – history is a mystery.


Maybe we can alter the pattern by reacting differently to similiar circumstances.

Especially now that we so tuned in and more aware than ever in the history of our present civilizational process.
Each of us can take responsibility by altering the course of our own existences, regardless of what everyone else is doing.

One bad habit at a time.

Gandhi said – be the change you want to see.

I say – be a butterfly that starts the wind blowing in China.

Thanks for the chance to share.




5 thoughts on “Another Grassy Knoll Anniversary – LuRain on November 22

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  3. Hi LuRain;

    When I lived in Palm Springs for a bit I met an old Maitre De by the name of Mannie. He had that polished, deadly Charles Bronson look about him and he used to snort lines of coke after hours on the bar.

    Told me that the secret service used to get hookers for JFK when he visited the area.

    I believed him, but that didn’t diminish my respect for the late President, just made him human is all.

    Regards :)

  4. Hi Ichabod,

    When Kennedy was made president, folks in this country still had prejudice against Catholics, of which I am a lapse member. I couldn’t figure out why, really, this was before the scandal about the priests occurred, so the history of this hatred come from a long time before, like the Dark Ages. Not that I can defend their history. The Catholic Church is right up there with Hitler in my opinion; barging into other countries, wiping out inhabitants, condemning language, dividing families, burning books and then telling the world that they saving illiterate pagans from Satan.
    The Kennedys had a bad rep because of Old Joe – who was frankly a crook, their dynasty was built on crime and bootlegging. They climbed to the top of the hierarchical structure and became lordlings of the country. All is forgiven – right?
    I hoped Jack would live up to his wonderful speeches, and I think he tried. But he got distracted by many things, and women were only one of them.
    He was sacrificed on the public altar, and though we may never find out the whole story, I figure he was taken out by a combination of corrupt intelligence officers and criminals.
    I have no illusions about people any more, Ichabod, lost that long ago. Even Martin Luther King was flawed, like we all are. The Catholics have lobbied hard to take any flaw out of Jesus, but I suspect he had them too.
    Humans have much to atone for. I don’t believe like some of my ‘new age’ friends that we will one day, take hands and make the leap together, unless it is five minutes before the asteroid hit.
    But I do know that we can change ourselves, as individuals, hopefully to be living examples, and then perhaps, influence others to do the same.
    When I ascend, I want to be thinking – Thanks! I had a wonderful time. I did my best. Now, don’t send me back there again. :-)
    I rambled on plenty here, I appreciate the chance to share. The lady I live with says all this typing is sending her through the Carpel Tunnel, where ever that is, so we going off now to have some dinner and feed the dog. Then I’ll probably sit on the porch to have my cigarette and watch the stars rotate around.
    Later tater,

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