Thanksgiving by LuRain Penny


The Season of giving now is commencing
Good tidings and spirits most freely dispensing

Stay safe within danger, snug against cold
Gather friends tightly, they more precious than gold

Be loving, thoughtful, kind in your deeds
Wherever you can, plant noble seeds

Hope in the Future begins in the Heart
We’re in it together – each plays a part

Stay loyal to ethic in all that you do
Trust in the knowledge; Truth Always Rings True




artwork by Codifyer



3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving by LuRain Penny

  1. Well I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving, LuRain. My husband works Thanksgiving night, so he’ll be sleeping all day and we’ve decided that our holiday will be on Sunday instead. So when everyone else is sick of day three of turkey leftovers, we’ll be fighting over drumsticks.

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