LuRain Penny watches Ken Burns’ The War -2




Just got finished watching Ken Burns’ The War on the PBS.

A stupendous acheivement.

Should caution the World against ever playing such a dangerous game again.


  I tried to remember where I was in this year or that – but got so riveted on what was before me, my own experiences jumbled in my head.

Sad to admit, alcohol and drugs has took a toll on my memory.

On VJ Day I was in Far Rockaway, New York.

We everybody went crazy.

The streets filled with folks screaming, jumping around, hugging, laughing hysterical.

Booze gushed like someone turned a rusty tap. 

Stayed drunk for a week.


This program was like LSD. I getting flash backs – can’t put my membrances into any order.

I never no idea how horrible it was; the fighting, the suffering

Just young – concerned with my own survival during the War.

Removed from the actual happenings – it was like a game we played back here at home –

 with the coupons, salvaging, shortages, blood drives, bonds sales, newreels.

Daily list of the dead.

Sure didn’t have long to wait before the next war started.

Korea began real quick and quiet.

No one wanted to pay it no mind. 

Few did.

Then Viet Nam, and on and on…

Human beings can’t learn nothing from their past.

Except how to be more brutal. 

That’s why the Evils of this World yearn to maim and murder.

Babe and aged are their victims, soldier or citizen, animals  – even the Earth herself.

Souless culling.


This program said the limit a soldier could take without going mad was 240 days.

This due to the onslaught of unrelenting horror they forced to endure.

How long have some of our troops been in Iraq and Afganistan?

Longer than that I think. 

What about the World’s children – growing up in that constant fear?

What is their generation going to like?

Gives me chills to think on it.

My heart grieves for the  Human conscience.

Got a hole where Whole should be.


History is embarrassing unlearned lessons – repeated behaviour – raped innocence.

A waste of Evolution.

How can anyone know true happiness when is so much coagulated anguish everywhere? 

Or spend so much time thinking what new toy to buy –

 when our Planet is convulsed by cruel inequity?

More than loving hearts can bear.

I set myself the task of doing no harm.

Promise to accomplish as good as I can get.


Take care out there.









artwork by codifyer




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