I Dream of Ravioli by LuRain Penny



You’re getting old, the doctors scold –

Got to do now what you’re told.

Can’t drink coffee, farewell to tea.

Them things just ain’t good for me.


Skip the meat, fat or wheat

So many foods I should delete.

Cheese sends my blood pressure high

And I could die from pecan pie!

Tasty morsals once delightful

Bind my guts way passed tightful.


No more booze – it hurts my liver.

Sugar make my fingers quiver.

Don’t even smoke for fear of stroke

Poach this white. Toss that yoke.

At least grocery bills be small –

 I won’t get to eat at all.


I’m off the salt – is my fault.

My story makes a strange gestalt.

Not so easy to abstain.

But I’m to blame – best not complain.


Must find a new way to behave

By cutting out all that I crave.

 If only I could prove the dare

That humans beings can live on Air. 




artwork by codifyer




5 thoughts on “I Dream of Ravioli by LuRain Penny

  1. A true food lover’s lament. You’ll no doubt live longer, which is great for those of us who love you!

    p.s. I’ll even eat the pecan pie for you ;-)

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  3. Oh how I feel your pain!!! I’m on the same boat my dear friend!!! Loved the poem:) Made me smile:)

  4. Hahaha! Yes, it is a constant struggle! But what doesn’t kill you will make you live longer. Love, LuRain x

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