Shadowless Joy – recovery by LuRain Penny :: 2


It ain’t easy to recover from vicissitudes.

Most folks are mangled whole lives.

Hide what we feeling.

So nobody suspects.

Until a neighbor walks into church – shoots the pastor dead.

If you  suffered like I – believe you can get well.



Weren’t your fault.

Stop blaming yourself for everything that goes awry around you.

Damage that makes you fret – over react to stress.

It can be repaired.

Difficult – not impossible.


You deserve better than to carry guilt.

Were a victim then.

Don’t have to be no more.


Don’t treat anything like you was treated.

End the Cycle.

Abusing your kids – animals or co-workers –  face that behaviour.

Get help.


Medicating with alcohol will not solve your pain.

Very unpredictable drug.

Make you merry one minute – a blackgard the next.

All drugs – prescription or no – mask your issues.

Must address them straight or  never be free.

May find the substance least of your problems.

Mental/emotional illness making you find solace there.

Get that sorted.

May be able to imbibe socially without losing control.


Trust is possible.

Surround with loving – caring creatures.

Even one.

Extricate from all those who belittle or degrade you.

Cut out everything that do not support best interests.

Be it habits or people.


You can heal wounds.

Be  doctor and  patient.

Step outside your thoughts or actions.

Observe them.

Don’t recriminate, re-educate.

Sorry don’t mean nothing if  behaviour never change.

You can heal.

Believe that with your whole heart.


You have the right to Shadowless Joy.

Given you at birth.

Inside you still.

Find it.


Hope I helped anyone struggling with circumstances I know only too well.

Questions or suggestions that may move this forward to others – don’t hesitate to let me know.

We’ll pass it around.

Bless you, sweethearts.

Don’t mind a gooey old lady kiss.

Mine on your cheek.






 artwork by codifyer






6 thoughts on “Shadowless Joy – recovery by LuRain Penny :: 2

  1. Thanks, LuRain. I don’t get online very much these days. But I’m glad I took the time to stop by. Hope life’s treating you well.

  2. Hope all is right with you – my friend – can’t blame you for wanting to be outside on these glorious days – We’ll check in from time to time – see how you be.
    Much Love,

  3. Thanks for the midweek sermon LuRainHoney. I feel a bit closer to you today; I had eye surgery a week ago and I’ve been keepin my right eye closed…like you! Seein aint gonna be the same for me no more.

    Oh, well… Regardless of how much abuse comes from ‘out there’, I’ve provided enough to myself. Always tryin to measure up to some jury of my peers. All the while, whoever ‘they’ are, could care less.
    They be deep in their own shit.

    “Extricate from all those who belittle or degrade you.
    Cut out everything that do not support best interests.
    Be it habits or people.” …well said LP!
    Life’s too short to be castin pearls in front of pigs.

    Love Ya,

  4. Hi LuRain and Codifyer;

    You got that right, we are mangled lives.

    And guilt? I know that feeling very well and do not like it, but invite it every chance possible, even when I am not 100% guilty just to be on the safe side.

    Fortunately I am stubborn and have a strong sense of self preservation, which allows me to indulge in my guiltiness without destroying me, and a sense of ha ha helps as well.

    Your advice is great and true.

    If all people listened to the wise, there would me no problems on this merry old planet.

    It’s good to see you posting LuRain and Codifyer your art always amazes me.

    I wish both of you a merry Wednesday :)

  5. Keep both eyes open and when they feeling better – don’t forget to exercise them!
    You are going to be just fine.
    Thanks for the uplifting words.

    Love you back, buddy
    Come again soon.

  6. Ichabod –

    Thank you so much for you kind words.
    Glad you like the artwork – I’ll have to listen to her chuckling all night – :->
    It’s hard to play second fiddle. She could use some strokes- ha!
    Don’t be a stranger.

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