Scrabbler Defined : Life on the Hem part 1 by LuRain Penny


Find a Penny pick it up, all the day you’ll have Good Luck

Scrabbler Defined:

Like the Crab embedded in this word –

a Scrabbler moves in perpetual search of life’s necessities.


The term – hard scrabble – invokes a slogging climb, over jutted obstacle;

difficult, sometimes without substantive benefit.

Successful Scrabblers enjoy inherent Luck.

Ever mindful of opportunity and advantage, can spot a penny in the woods.


A True Scrabbler is not thief.

Abhors Avarice.

A strict sense of Ethic exists in the Scrabblers Code.

Never take the last cookie;

only the unwanted or neglected, unused or unlikely missed.

 Scrabbling purposeful and utilitarian.

Many have argued that a kleptomaniacal streak exists in the full-time Scrabbler.

 Pure Practice is Free of Pointless Takery.

 It’s all about Survival.


Scrabbling is bedded in the DNA.

All sort of animals & insects scrabble – take things, put things by for later.

Humanoids been doing it from the GetGo.

 Greed overtook the Species.

Science offers no explanation for how this come about.

 Scrabbling became a Sin.

Went Private.


If the Sheit leave the Fan around here, Scrabblers can fend.

Know what they need & find it.

So outside the box, they use it for kindling.

Not a bad idea to learn a few tricks from a Scrabbler.

With the Whole World upheaving, we need to stay Mindful.

Those of us who’ve lived though privation got this intaglio on our Souls;

Waste not, Want not




 intaglio:  an engraving depressed below the surface so that an impression from the design yields an image in relief



artwork by codifyer



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