LuRain Penny :: Adopt a Pound Pet

Went by Pet Smart the other day.

Saw these sad kitties.

My pal Codifyer took snaps of them for me.

They are awaiting adoption & are from a no kill shelter.
Please remember how many of these babes are trapped, without freedom or family.

Spay & neuter your pets, and adopt from shelters & stores who offer pound animals for sale.

Do not allow suffering where you can relieve it.

Thanks from my Heart.

artwork by codifyer


4 thoughts on “LuRain Penny :: Adopt a Pound Pet

  1. Hi! We have a PetSmart near us and the rescue group Cat Angel Network has cats for adoption there. They have many foster parents and cover the 5-county area and Philly. I’m not sure how many cats they have adopted out, but they’ve been around since the 90s and have saved many, many cats.

  2. Yes, we think Pet Smart is doing their best to get these kitties adopted. But without willing people, these sweeties live forever in a box. The shelter they come from is no kill, but what a life Humans are condeming them to. Glad to know, Pet Smart nationwide is responsible & caring. That’s why we go to them for our cat’s need ( litter & hats ;-) ) instead of others, who shall remain nameless, who do not seem to care.
    Thanks for taking the time to look.

  3. Amen! Adopt adult kitties whenever you can. Mine lived in a shelter for FIVE years! Yes kittens are cute, but the love from an adopted adult shelter kitty is immense. Kudos to PetSmart for making space availble to feature these beautiful adoptable kitties. I go by and wish them “Fur-ever homes” every time I’m there.

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