The Kiss by Codifyer :: More of Miss Pennys anipals

My dear pals Remy & Rebel caught in a once in a life time photo opportunity by Codifyer.

Reb was a foundling pitbull, rescued from the streets where the scars on her head indicate she was a bait pup for the dastardly & cruel who get their jingles watching animals fight.

Inspite of the abuse she was subjected to, she is a loving & loyal Pit with a heart as big as the house she now lives in.

Just look at her with her new buddy, Reb.

He was abandoned in a foreclosed home by a owner who just didn’t want to take no more responsibility.

Kudos to our friend Liz for taking these waifs in & giving them the kindness they deserve.

Be A Humane Being.

Treat all creatures as you wish to be treated.

And we will make a Better World.

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artwork by codifyer



6 thoughts on “The Kiss by Codifyer :: More of Miss Pennys anipals

  1. very nice , thought the old gal mite have fallen down in a stuper and was not able to get
    back up or worse, so glad to see your still amuong us the poor living!!

    tell Jack Hi for me ! Bill

  2. Oh my LuRain: you must of forgotten about uncle Jack, and his brother Daniels !

    see ya on the flip side Bill

  3. I did my best to blot those bros out of my Mind! Hahaha!
    Always nice to hear from you, Bill!

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