Make Room in Your Heart for a Homeless Hero by LuRain Penny

Look at this beautiful face.

Franny was the only one of the homeless kitties at the Pet Smart here in Henderson who had a name.

She is traumatized & lonely, craving the gentle touch of a loving hand.

This group came from a kill shelter, which means if they don’t get adopted soon they will all die.


Does Franny deserve abandonment, incarceration & painful scary death?

The most important thing we as custodians of Earth can do, is be good stewards to our fellow creatures.

Have we done this?


Homo Sapiens only care about themselves.

Their greed destroys most of what is harmless, beautiful & clean on our Earth, leaving garbage & broken lives behind.

Neglect is as abusive as deliberate cruelty.


 It is up to we who care to teach our children to follow a different path that all the ones trod before.

Spay & neuter your animals, impress upon the kids that too many unwanted critters cheapens their value to people – making them easily disposable.

Volunteer at your local shelter or donate much-needed supplies to them – esp. to those who are no kill.

Work to get the kill shelters to change their methods of extermination – no more decompression chambers or heart sticks!

Applaud & support those fearless defenders of our animal kin – sign petitions, pass around paw circles, let them know you are with them.

They are fighting for freedom for all those who cannot protect themselves from the disregard of society.

Response – ability is a choice of Love.

There is so much pain & suffering on this Planet.

Can you alleviate a little of  it?


Make room in your Heart for a Homeless Hero.

Together we can create a Better World for all.

 I believe in you.







artwork by Codifyer




2 thoughts on “Make Room in Your Heart for a Homeless Hero by LuRain Penny

  1. words from the heart to the heart are the hardest to read, and take to the heart,
    this is what you have done ! played the heart strings with words of truth, this is
    a rare things these days when its easier to look the opposite way!!
    good job, good work, may we all live in peace and Harmony together.
    But the truth is, we will not take the time to teach just complain!!

  2. Those of us who care are already making a difference, Bill. We just have to persevere.
    By becoming HUMANE BEINGS we will change the future behavior of the species.
    Trust & Believe!
    Hugs, LuRain x

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