Pirate Kitty – Meet the Star Indigo, an original Cat in the Hat

 Our Indigo Kitty was a homeless boy for many years.

Abandoned & abused – he sought comfort under our old house – in the dark & coolness.

After beloved Cody passed away – he crept out & made his presence known.

Neither the Lady or I were sympathetic at first being in full grief & hardly speaking to each other.

Times were hard for us then.

Cody was the best of us.

Without him, she & I were lost.

We took a trip up to Oregon.

Being by the Ocean finally healed the rift.

When we got back, a neighbor said –

“There’s a cat been living on your back porch for weeks”

When we saw him so sad, no one to talk to, it broke our Heart.

So of course, she took him in.

I was a bit resentful, shamed to admit.

Missed Cody badly & was skeered of felines.

Teeth like bone needles!

Indigo Kitty has always been a perfect gentleman.

I was won over.

  He likes wearing hats, just like me!

 He’s the priceless object of our affection & her camera.

Inspiration for her latest project ::



From Homeless to Hero in one brave leap.

Happy to be loved & admired for his sweetness, his dignity and handsome face.

Never pass up the opportunity to rescue a critter from the depths of despair.

Treasure you may find there.




artwork by Codifyer



8 thoughts on “Pirate Kitty – Meet the Star Indigo, an original Cat in the Hat

  1. Thank you, dearheart for taking the time to look, like & comment.
    Yes, he’s a punkin sweetie, a bit of a rascal, articulate talker & real hambone. ;-)
    We very lucky he found us.
    Love to you,

  2. Hi Guys;

    I like the kitty, we have one around here who fend for herself pretty much, always outside and on the prowl, a wild cat.

    Yet when I sit outside smoking, she’ll jump into my lap or sit beside me. When I go inside, won’t see her sometimes for a week, then she comes back and says hello. :)

  3. Thanks for your comment, Robert. Sorry to have taken so long getting back. She’s been hogging the air time with her project. ;-)
    Sitting out smoking is something we have in common. Indigo likes to come out with me too, makes up for missing our Cody who used to watch over me like a seeing eye.
    Hope you enjoy the little film.

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