Peter Smith @TalkingCures by LuRain Penny

It was my misfortune to be the product of Immaculate Deception.


My Mama was an accidental parent.

She did not want, & my GranMa Pen didn’t like, kids.

They punished me for being alive & fed me guilt bottled with thin milk.

This set the form of my personality & partnered me on the rocky road I picked to plod.
I’m going to skip years of history & get to my stroke of very bad luck. Though I
had been to the bottom of the well before, it was only after that happened I finally saw
my murky reflection.

Healing began when I stopped blaming the past for present choices. I come a long way
toward being guilt free & loving myself at last, but still troubled by intermittent
anxiety. Most times triggered by World events over which I have no control. I feared
succumbing to the lethargy that panic can cause. Depression is too comfortable.

Then a Twitter buddy, Peter Smith @TalkingCures suggested we chat over Skype to see if he could help me.

Since our camera was broke, we could see him but he couldn’t see me.

We talked for almost 3 hours.


It has taken my many months to assess this conversation because the relief was so remarkable, I wanted to see if it was also long-lasting.

Peter is a very kindly, thoughtful & intelligent man. I felt immediately at ease with
revealing my deepest memories. By gentle persuasion he brought me back to the scene
of a childhood incident. One so seared in my memory, it remains vivid in-spite of my
deliberate attempt to obliterate it with lifelong intoxication. Through his guidance I was
able to release much congealed suppuration & see it for the crime it was.

His theory of physical illness having roots in emotional memory is supported by my research into mind/body connection & our ability to re-arrange our DNA code with conscious intention.

Peter gave me confidence to dig out & toss the last warty guilt attached to my psyche.


Months have passed but my elevated self-esteem remains strong. Occasionally I have a
flutter of worry, who doesn’t? But I take me in my arms & give myself a hug.

Looking out at the fragile creatures still flying, swimming & birthing babies in-spite the uncertainty of  Life; I know like them, I have but a little time on this Planet.

We’re going to relish every minute.

I thank Peter for his self less devotion to giving others hope & encouragement. As he
said to me “I want you to live the Life you deserve which was taken from you.” Anyone
who needs a hand up out of their darkness will do well to reach toward him.






2 thoughts on “Peter Smith @TalkingCures by LuRain Penny

  1. Dear Lurain

    Well done for the courage you have shown in writing and posting this blog, if more people were able to talk in such and open and honest manner I feel sure we as a race of people would not only, not suffer as we do, but also not fight against what in reality we know is the truth “All illness is a process of our mind following traumas as you so eloquently, openly and honestly describe. Just this action would make our dependency on Drugs – of all types – much less or even nil?

    Your tweet to me advising of your blog gave to me permission to make alterations to your blog, heaven forbid I should think of such a thing; one cannot argue the truth is best even if perchance it was detrimental to Talking Cures. from this truth alterations can be made to an already effective treatment regime. In addition; did not Barack Obama himself say “Suppression of new and innovative Ideas never made them go away..”

    If there is something one may have considered adding to your blog, it was, Talking Cures gave the necessary treatment via Skype without a camera, in about Two Hours.

    Finely may I add, once Talking Cures has been applied and the release received as you describe it is not only permanent as the traumatic incidents and so called flash backs causing Anxiety have now been stored within a Mind securely and therefore can never be repeated, the release will always be working for you in pursuit of keeping you healthy of Mind and Body.

    My very best wishes.

    Peter Smith Talking Cures

  2. Dear Peter,

    We have added the info you requested. In truth I wanted to express how long you shared with me. It’s omission was in the editing process.
    The fact that you help me gratis should also be made clear to the readers.
    You asked nothing of me, except that I create a work of art or expression at some point to describe the therapy.
    I’m am in your debt, as the help you gave me is priceless to me.

    Thank you Peter.
    If I can encourage others to seek help for their troubles I will have done a little to re-pay my gratitude.
    In Deep Regard,

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