The Wonder – as told by LuRain Penny

LuRain Reads The Wonder 

This story was told to me by Ms. Wheater when I was a kid.

Take no offense at my rendition.

I got a license to be poetic.


Long long ago, in the desert part of the world, it started snowing to beat the band.

In those days, miracles took place all the time and people believed them.

Staring out the window, a woman realized she was going to have a baby.

And she couldn’t remember how this happened.

She went to her husband (who has a very tiny part in this story)  and exclaimed, “Husband, I feel the urge to move!”

They loaded up their meager possessions & set off.

It was snowing pretty strong.

The man felt lost, having no idea where they was going in the first place.

The woman seemed to know.

Whenever they come to a cross-roads, she motioned, “That way.”

On they trudged until day rolled over to evening.

The woman commenced to feel that she needed to lie down but quick.

Just when it seemed like they would never find a spot to stop, the snow parted.

There before them a short distance was a brightly lit inn with a lot of muleys hitched up around it.

The husband hurried to the door and knocked.

When it opened, the husband asked if they could spend the night.

“Sorry, ” the innkeeper said sadly, “The Shriners are in town.

But you can stay in the stable if you want.”

“I’m not having no wife of mine giving birth in a stable,” said the husband, real indignant.

“I could have it right here!” said the woman, looking plum to burst.

Both innkeep and husband knew better than to argue.

He pointed. They went.


In those days, animals could talk.

A cow, some chickens and a goat was chinning around chewing the cud when the couple come over.

As they unloaded their meager items from his back, their muley looked over the brothers of his kind.

As luck would have it, amongst them he recognized a long lost cousin.

They commenced to jeejaw! jeejaw!, because that’s what way muleys do.

The cousin asked, “What’d you doing way up here?”

“We’re going to have a baby”, said the first muley, real proud.

“Oh!” exclaimed all the animals together.

They quickly rushed around gathering straw to make a bed for the mother.

She laid down gratefully on it.

Then them critters sat in the doorway to make sure she weren’t disturbed.


It had stopped snowing then. The sky was filled with stars.

One shone brighter than all the rest.

Lighting the whole desert with a tail that went every which way.

The atmosphere fair shimmered with anticipation.

When –

Up from over a large sand hill came the gentle sound of camels doing the grape vine down the dunes.

And on their backs, a trio of  fancy dressed men singing:

 We Three Kings in a blues motif  –

Star of Wonder, clap –  Star of light, clap

Star with roy——–al beau………ty bright –

West ward leading – We proceeding – guiding us to per-fect light, dadada…

Westwardleadingstillproceedingguidingus tooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Perfect Li—-ght, yeah!

The animals broke into wild applause!

The Cow said, “Wow, cool routine, dudes! Are you playing the Shriners?”

The Black King said “No.”

Just then stable filled with light.

There on the straw was the woman, holding the glowingest baby anybody had ever seen.

Everybody was struck dumb.

Them Kings got down on their knees & put on their Ray Bans.

Finally, the husband said in awe, “Honey, we could read by that boy!”

The Wise Three placed their precious treasures by his tiny feet.

Chickens plucked feathers from they own breasts to make him a pillow.

The muley laid down beside to keep him warm.

Then the Father, the Kings, all the other Animals, sighed

And went out for a smoke.

So began the life of the Wonder.


All babies are born in radiant innocence.

Treat them as saviors of our Future.

Because they are.

Care. Share. Be Aware.

Dream a Better World.





To hear Miss Penny Read The Wonder, jump here

artwork by codifyer



4 thoughts on “The Wonder – as told by LuRain Penny

  1. Shara, Happy Hollydays!
    Yes, The Wonder was a great show to do. And my most popular. I miss working in front of an audience. But you bring it all back.
    Thanks for being here.
    Have the BEST NEW YEAR!

  2. nice words to bad all can not or do not know the words they read or care to understand them,
    thanks for the light you share with us all, and may the light reflect back to you!
    with love Bill

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