Mary, a poem by LuRain Penny

Mary a Poem

Mary’s on her own again

Rain is falling down

And the family drove away

in the Plymouth to the town.

She’s not like us they’d often say

As if she dropped from air

There are indications that

They wished she weren’t there.


Imagination runs riot

When nobodies near to keep it quiet

Mary has a devils climb

Finding ways to use her time

If only she could pay them back

For every unprovoked attack

But knew that nothing ever would

Besides she really was no good

Mischief lurked inside her head

Might as well be damned instead.


Tear the heads off from the flowers

Drown those in the loo

Eat up all the bits of meat

Out of the cold beef stew

Light long matches in the dark

Contemplate the end

Break her favorite dolly till

Even Mummy’s Will won’t mend

Sneak about the parent’s room

Hunt Daddy’s dirty books

Hide a copy in the place

No one ever looks.


Then at once guilt is felt

Over everything that’s done

Mary knows the punishment

For having wanton fun

There’s no excuse – she went too far

Must run away from home

Still even as she fears them so

More scared to be alone

She starts to cry – this day could bring

The blow she won’t survive

She races to the window – the Plymouth’s in the drive

Voices heard will soon be raised in anger & in shock

Mary hides where it is safe

Behind the bathroom lock.



artwork by thecodifyer


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