Secrets of Beauty from a fugly old woman – LuRain Penny puts on a happy face

I have always been a fugly person.

My features is less annoying now I old.

We grow to resemble more of our inner nature as we age.

Many who are gorgeous when young deflate like a worn tire as they roll along.

For those of us income-pacitated and surgery shy, here are a few secrets to beauty at the older age:


1. Cover it Up

I have hair in relative abundance around the edges, but little on top.

My stylist – Messer. Andre  – is most adept at bouffant and the pesky flyaway.

He used to cut Bette Davis’s hair at Bendl’s in NYC sometime in the 50’s, when she was follicular deficient too.

After my stroke of bad luck, I went without doing nothing to myself for a long time.

Color was drained from my hair, face and nails.

I looked like a white moth.

When I was able, the lady I live with, whisked me to Andre for a make over.

We chose a golden blond to perk up my tone, not the flat champagne hue too many older women pick.

Way old fashioned.

That brought the rose to my cheeks again.

I wear hats – all the time.

Even got a couple thinking caps to wear around the house.

If I can’t see the bald spot then neither can you.

There are artful ways of camouflaging your deficits, look at Candy Bergen – she a master.

Upchuck is; whatever the problem – find a way to hide it.


2. Get somebody to take care of  you

This is essential for those of us who are useless, penniless or haven’t got a clue as to how to go about gilding the lily.

I am fortunate, because my friend is good with make-up and fashion.

We have similar taste – though I am slightly more flamboyant.

She introduces me to the latest products.

When she puts on the mineral powder on me, my wrinkles just disappear.

 I would never have thought of such a thing.

She schtuk by me through illness and worse to made sure I et good.

This was not my usual way – having lived on cigarettes and likker for my life up till now.

I credit that alone for my upgrade.

The best mirror is a friend.


3. You are as young as you look

In these days, folks much more modern right up through dotage.

When I was a kid, my Gran wore long skirts, high collars and never went without gloves.

After the 60’s, with the let it all hang out mantra, it was anything goes.

 Now you see grannies sporting tenny runners and gym pants in public.

The Queen of England and I have something in common.

We both look younger now than we did in 1980.

The casual styles help folks feel more relaxed – allow even octogenarians to show off their gams.

Whether they should or not.

No need to keep up with the latest metal gear.

You can find plenty of unique apparel at the thrift stores.

Dress to impress yourself.

Create your outer image to suit your needs in comfort, utility and style.


4. Eat to live, don’t live to eat

Don’t get too skinny or heavy.

Keep your weight steady.

After my stroke of bad luck I was thin to the bone.

The cords in my neck made me look like a turtle been drug out of its shell by the head.

Putting on healthy poundage filled out most of my deep lines in my face.

I have a butt again, always attractive, even on an old lady.

Cut down on salt, coffee and edibles that take fluid from the body.

Drink plenty water, but not so much you’re peeing all the time.

Food is medicine.


5. Keep your addictions on a Maintenance level

This is the single most important beauty secret.

If you ruining yourself with drugs, likker and such, you do not feel good; both in your body and spirit.

 Take it from one who has been there.

Restricting your indulgences to manageable levels will improve your health and outlook.

Unless you can’t handle any amount of these things, I do not advocate complete denial.

Often you will just substitute one thing for another like food for sex, unless you find the root of your enslavement. Addictions are just habit patterns.

They can be changed.

It takes help and courage, but when you triumph, you will be so proud, and look better too.

It is never to late to change your behaviour.


6. A radiant smile covers the biggest blemish

I don’t get caught up in the whitest teeth contest everybody into now.

I love to smile because it makes me happy to do so.

A smile, like a yawn, demands a response.

It releases endolphins to your brain that lightens your mood to make you feel good.

If you don’t like your teeth, smile with your mouth closed.

But smile and mean it.

Happiness is contagious.


Exercise and various treatments like massage is also very helpful.

The essential of beauty is that you believe yourself to be lovely.

In order to do that you must have pride in yourself and support from your friends and family.

Forget competition.

You not vying to look like a movie star.

Be the best and brightest you can be.

Practice kindness, unselfishness and gentle persuasion.

Nothing more beautiful than a sweetheart.

Remember, it takes a long time to heal when you dead.

Heal before you die.

Go out grinning.

LuRain Greets

Love ya,





artwork by codifyer




3 thoughts on “Secrets of Beauty from a fugly old woman – LuRain Penny puts on a happy face

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  2. Thanks dearheart! Glad you found it helpful – though you don’t look like you need any help being beautiful!
    Keep Smilin”

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