Day One :: Laughing All The Way by LuRain Penny

LuRain SelfPortrait

(The last picture of Miss Penny in Nevada, an accidental self-portrait taken just outside of Primm)

Greetings from Red Bluff, CA!

Our adventure is going swimmingly, with only a few slight mishaps.

Yesterday we drove the long, dusty final few mountainous miles of Nevada.

After a couple detours occasioned by the GPS not knowing her left from her right (hahaha – best not to rely on mechanical voices), we spent the night in Buttonwillow.

Other than getting off the hwy. there seems no reason for this tiny town but then we didn’t stay long enough to take in it’s apparent attractions.

Because we have the kitty, we stayed at the Motel 6.

They who leave the light on.

Also left the toilet dirty.

The Lady asked for another room & it was only marginally better.

Smelled like King Tut’s socks had been entombed in it.

She went around spraying some of her herbal mixture & that helped some but the whole vibe of the place got to the cat.

He started yeeeee-owling & was inconsolable.

I went outside for a smoke while she unpacked the car.

When we came back in, the kitty was gone.

She thought maybe I had let him escape & raced out frantic.

No sign.

She looked everywhere in the room, calling his name while trying to sound coaxing but she wasn’t convincing.

Then we heard a tiny peep.

Silly boy had found his way behind the bed & crawled inside the box spring!

Now he was stuck, probably got his collar hooked around.

Should have seen her toss the mattress across the room!

She pried up the box & freed him.

He dashed off & hid under the TV table.

I thought it all pretty funny.

But she wasn’t smiling.


I wanted to get the blog out, so I started bugging her.

She tried to get the internet working as she’d paid for the WIFI.

It was terrible, kept shutting down on her.

I don’t begin to understand, so I commenced to yammer.

Cats & old folks can be very vexatious.

Finally she just had it!

We all went to bed.


After a fitful sleep we set out this morning.

What a beautiful day! Our moods lifted & we felt at last we were free of all obstruction.

Everything went well.

We have settled in for the night at another Motel 6 which is much much better, before hitting the Siskiyou Pass tomorrow.

Then Oregon!

Will be back when next we stop.

Got some great snaps, including all the places I’ve peed so far.

Starting with Bob’s Big Boy in Baker.

Big Boy Bob





artwork by codifyer



6 thoughts on “Day One :: Laughing All The Way by LuRain Penny

  1. Thanks Peter! A lot of karma wrapped up in this move & the signs signal favorable.
    Hope you are well & happy!

  2. Sounds like a grand adventure to me! We’ll be moving to Oregon next year so I’m curious as to how you’ll like it once you’re settled in. :-)

  3. Thank for following along, dearheart. We’ll do our best to let you know what we discover!

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