Day Two :: Laughing All the Way by LuRain Penny

Mt. Shasta

Hello from Springfield, Oregon!

We are in the home stretch!

This was the most beautiful day yet.

And as you can see, we faced it with enthusiasm.

Indigo faces the day

Indigo has been sooooo good! We are truly amazed.

The motels have been more to his liking, and he actually starts in ordering the Lady about when it’s time to get going.

He leaps into his carrier & settles in.

We’ve watched the scenery change from dry red dust mounds (elevation almost 5000 feet) to spectacular snow covered mountains.

I tried my hand at taking snaps & got some really blurry shots of the door handle.

So I just rested my eyes while the Lady sailed on through her favorite landscape.

LuRain enjoys the scenery

The trip took longer than she figured cuz she had to stop almost as much as I had to pee to capture the surroundings on film.

When we got to Grants Pass, we smacked right into a big fog bank.

Thick as smoke & right down to the ground.

Inside of it, all the trees were glistening with snow & ice.

It was magical!

Mini winter wonderland

Then as suddenly as it appeared we sped thru it to crystal blue skies & not a patch of snow to be seen.


And speaking of that, we’ve gone from 80 degrees in So Cal to freezing here in Oregon.

But the air smells so fresh, we don’t mind it a bit.

And we can drink the water right out of the tap!

Something we wouldn’t dare do while living in Sin City.

I have an inkling we ain’t never gonna leave this place now we back.

It is heaven on earth.

I been thinking about my bucket list.

Seal Lion Caves.

Crater Lake.

And the House of Mystery at the Oregon Vortex.

They all here!

Going to get a good night’s rest, then it’s off to the coast.

We are Ocean starved.

Not long now!




artwork by codifyer



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