Day Four :: Laughing All the Way by LuRain Penny

LuRain Arrives!

Greetings, my friends, from Lincoln City Oregon.

We arrived safely!

We drove through the most beautiful scenery in the World.

Entered a Fairy Tale.

First sight of the Ocean, the Lady wept.

Not too safe for driving around the twisty road with folks behind us trying to scoot us along.

All of them was on their way to destination whereas we was just where we wanted to be & felt no reason to rush.

She said she should make bumperstickers that read:

I Brake For Nature.


Saw several hitchhikers along the way.

Young men.

I felt sorry for them – a couple were by themselves on the forest road.

Would have stopped, but she ain’t as trusting as I.

Besides, the car so packed would have had to strap them to the top like Romney’s dog.


Made me think back many years.

During the 2nd Great War, even women hitched.

Never felt afraid.

Though in some places, being alone on the road marked one as a  female of a certain type.

Bummed rides back into town when was sub spotting out on the far island.

Bunch of  girls would gang together.

Guys was happy to pick  up a gaggle of girlies & there was safety on our number.

Ah…..memories ebb & flow like the tide……


Last night, Orion was right above us, as it had been in Vegas.

Reminding us that we are merely revolving in the Universe.

Moving in the same place.

It is what happens within that makes the journey.


Been over – whelmed with revelation since we landed.

So much to process, am just brimming with ideas.

Will have another 30 Days to Being Humane within a day or two.


Meanwhile, the place we staying don’t have reliable internet, so we are having a fabulous meal at the

Nepali Kitchen & Cyber Cafe, 1826 NE Hwy 101, Lincoln City.

It is exquisite!

Incredible food, a fireplace, charming people, mysterious music from Nepal.

We found the best place in town!.

We’ ll be back everyday to connect with you on the Wild Wild Web.

Right now, we going to take snaps on the beach & introduce our sweet fat boy to the biggest thing he will every see in his life!

Mama Ocean!!

Mr. Kitty, our very Heart




artwork by codifyer



4 thoughts on “Day Four :: Laughing All the Way by LuRain Penny

  1. When I left Oregon for the desert I was weary of the rain…now it is always soothing. The sea…smiling. Careful on your way…

  2. So happy that you’ve arrived safe and sound! Enjoyed your travel blog so much . . . thank you for sharing! I suspect that Indigo may have another adventure tale to tell . . . ?

  3. He met the Ocean yesterday & was very impressed! Folks wandering by thought he was very brave.
    Adventure Kitty!
    Thanks for following us along.

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