Day Five :: Laughing All the Way by LuRain Penny

Indigo MeetsThe Ocean

Greetings from the stormy Oregon Coast!

We experiencing our first rain in ages.

It is marvelous.

The dry air in the desert desiccates me – most of the time I look sucked out like a turtle been dragged by the neck from it’s shell.

I am plumping up now!

We introduce Indigo to the Ocean yesterday. He was amazed!

Folks was stopping by to see him in his travelling conveyance.

Remarking on his calm behavior.

He is a real travel kitty!

We are here again at the Nepali Cyber Cafe in Lincoln City, having good eats & setting by the fire, with our wonderful designer Miss Jean.

Here’s a snap from  yesterday.

Nepali Kitchen Lincoln City

Both the Lady & Miss Jean took tons of pics, so will have more for you soon.

Along with some info about this part of the World.

Oh funny thing, in all the kerfuffle of getting things in the car, the Lady drove off without realizing she had left her whole billfold on top of the boot!

Went about 10 miles around all manner of twisty roads before a fellow driver pointed it out.

It never budged.

Ain’t that a miracle!

How lucky can one silly artist get?


Portrait of the Artist by Miss Jean

(Portrait of Aza Cody by her best friend Miss Jean)

Going to have more time tomorrow to talk about this wonderful part of the country.

But we going to zip to Boiler Bay now so the two ladies can capture the crashing waves.

What fun we are having.

Wish you all was here!

Much Love,



artwork by codifyer



2 thoughts on “Day Five :: Laughing All the Way by LuRain Penny

  1. Thank you Allyson! So glad to know you find our adventure entertaining. We love you too – and the hardest part of all of this is being on line as much as we enjoy to conversate with you all.
    Having a wonderful time! Wish you was here!
    Love to Snoopy,

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