Day Six ::Laughing All the Way by LuRainPenny

Pirate Cove! The View from the porch

Greetings from Depoe Bay, Oregon!

We have settled in to a little place with some really wonderful people.

You’ll be meeting them soon.

We are right across from Pirate Cove!

Another miracle.

Indigo’s dream is coming true in all sorts of ways.

How amazing Life is when in the flow of beneficial energy.

We very grateful.


We ‘ve some great critters who we already call & know as friends.

You’ll be meeting them in upcoming posts.

We are here again at the Nepali Kitchen in Lincoln City.

It is a very exotic place.

Warm, smells heavenly of spice, simple, healthy food & really fascinating music of the owners country of Nepal.

We here with out new pal Rebecca.

She has a BIG dog named Sampson.

He is a most handsome zampson.

Right now, he & Indigo are out in the car, together!!!

Kitty in his carrier, Sampson stretched out in the back.

Never thought I see the day.

The Cove at Boiler Bay

Miss Jean & the Lady went to Boiler Bay yesterday & took snaps.

Seagulls was flying in & out. The Mother Ocean was roiling & thrashing.

Can feel her growls in the chest.

Boiler Bay. Oregon!

We going now with Rebecca to Schooner Creek.

The Lady been taking snaps of EVERYTHING!!!

Just want to thank our lucky stars.

And all our pals, new & old who have helped us find our Home.

Back Tomorrow.


LuRain Penny


artwork by codifyer


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