Day Eight :: Laughing All the Way by LuRain Penny

LuRain Penny is home!

Greetings from the lovely Oregon Coast!

We skipped yesterday’s blog on account of the Lady has to drive a distance for the WIFI & we was bushed from all our exertions.

So on the seventh day, like any sensible creator, we rested.


We learning so much about the Natural World.

The Lady is fascinated by wave formation & flow.

We can’t wait to see the King Tides!

And in a few weeks  Whales will be coming along.

Depoe Bay is the whale watching capital of the Oregon Coast.

Our new pal Rebecca been taking us around & giving us the benefit of her knowledge.

Becca & Sampson

 We been told the house we living in was built from the beams of a ship which crashed on the rocks below way back before even I was born.

I swear the other night as I was dozing in my chaise, I looked up & saw the boards in the ceiling moving!


The Lady has seen ghosties already.

She sez they are just filmy remnants of  mischief makers & easily booed back.


We been travelling up & down between Lincoln City & Newport taking in the sights.

The Lady can’t get enough photo opportunities.

We have to keep her from leapin’ out of the car to capture something that caught her eye.

Not so good, if she’s the one driving.


Tiny forest on Ocean's edge

We feel our lives completely transformed.

We don’t know what day it is, the time nor any current events.

Our twitter pal Bren just sent us word of 2 quakes off the coast here on Thursday.

We are riding so lightly on the surface of this splendid reality, we just rose & fell with the natural rhythm.


Indigo Happy

Indigo is doing great.

He is so peaceful & mellow.

He comes down at night to the common room to sit by the fire with us & meet the new people.

This is one of them, Max.

Max by Codifyer

He is a Dutch Indonesian with an amazing life story which we’ll tell you about later.

Soon as the Lady gets this on the blog & we finish our lovely lunch at the Nepali Kitchen, we going out to visit the town.

Then we can also tell you of the many attractions in this neck of the woods.

Just in case you want to visit.

We’ll be lookin’ for you!




artwork by codifyer



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