Day 10 :: Laughing All the Way by LuRain Penny

Sunset @ the Depoe Bay Seawall

Hello from Newport, Oregon!

We have been travelling up and down the coast for the last few days.

Next week, weather permitting, will carry on up the road to Seaside, Oregon where the Lady spent her summers when a kidlet.

We are so happy & peaceful, it is truly remarkable.

Something about being close to the Ocean; the constant rockin’ motion, the dense damp energy, it envigorates & calms simultaneously.

No wonder scientists figure folks is happiest who live by the Sea.


The Lady been introducing us to all sorts of businesses & folks – we got interviews set up for the blog – lovely people,  fascinatin’ stories.

She’s also started a series of Oregon Scenic Postcards reminiscent of the hand colored ones from the 20’s to 40’s.

Examples of which you can see above & below.

This is just photo heaven for her & we all tickled by her delight.

Medicine Rocks, Taft Oregon


Tonight is Max’s birthday. He is 80 plus 3.  We’ re neck in neck at the life game. Or at least I think we are.

In the beginning I added years on to appear more mature.

Then I started subtracting. Like mad.

I confused myself.

I’m either VERY old or youngish & in horrible shape.


Anyway, we going to make a celebration for him.

The Lady gonna cook.



One thing we have discovered, everywhere folks is hurting & everywhere there is generosity.

Our faith in the future is being restored.

We have met so many giving, loving  people, most of whom have little by way of material treasure, but possess an abundance of kindness.

We thank our lucky stars we are where we are.

Arch Rock, Depoe Bay Oregon

Hope all is well in your World!

Later taters,




artwork by codifyer



7 thoughts on “Day 10 :: Laughing All the Way by LuRain Penny

  1. Glad you enjoying your trip. When I went to Seaside, Oregon I fell in love with it. It was the quaintest little shore town. I hope it hasn’t changed too much. <3

  2. Oooh, what luck we’ve happened upon in Miss Lurain Penny and Codifyer! if you’ve not seen it by now than your’re denying your innateness! Rich are the treasures of souls travels, and what generosity! What gift! That Miss Penny and Codifyer share of their being to ours. I am enriched. I am enlightened. For these things, I am more than I knew. Blessings be upon you, blessings to us and all of our roads traveled. Most of all, blessings to the ones exuding the very definition of epiphany, such as our magnum opus works of, Beloved “Lady” (Codifyer), as well as our benevolent Miss Penny allows. “bttmas”

  3. Hi dear, so nice to hear from you. Seaside is still the carny town it was when the Lady was a kid. We going up there on the next fine day.
    It has been heaven on Earth for us here.
    Indigo is doing great – meeting the Ocean and new people pals.
    The Lady taking snaps of everything – whether it moves or not – hahaha
    I just basking & basking ;-)
    Love to you,

  4. There you are, dear! We been missing you. Got so busy when we was preparing for our trip, din’t have time to track you down. Glad you are doing good. You are in our thoughts & prayers.
    Thank you for your outpouring of encouragement & enthusiasm!
    We send you virtual ( but every bit as effective ) hugs!!

  5. Hi Annette!So happy to hear from you!! Hope you are well. Really miss not being around all our virtual friends.
    Thanks for keeping in touch!!
    Much love from
    LuRain & aza

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