Day 12 :: Laughing All the Way by LuRain Penny

Depot Bay, Oregon

Greetings from beautiful Depoe Bay, Oregon

We have settled in a little place I call the House at Pirate Cove.

Depot Bay is a little fishin’ town on the central coast between Newport to the south & Lincoln City to the north.

It boasts of the world’s smallest harbor.

Depot Bay Harbor

This little town of 1500 folks began life as a land allottment to a Siletz gentleman, Charles De Poe or Depot, nobody seems to know.

He was gifted by the Dawes Act in 1894 which divided up land taken from the Native peoples & gave it back to the lucky few.

It is set in a portion of Heaven on Earth.

The Natural Beauty is so overwhelming when around it, if you got any soul at all, you cannot see anything else.

I suppose some folks get to taking it for granted after a time.

But we never will again.


The other day, we was standing at the sea wall here in town.

The Lady was taking snaps.

Indigo, in his stroller, just speechless with amazement.

Big Her Mamma Ocean is humbling.

She is Grace, Joy & Fury Incarnate.

To contemplate Her vastness, depth, and teeming, bounty of Life is to realize the Whole of Creation.

She exemplifies to me the unifying principle between Einstein & quantum physics.



Anyway, we was all there taking in a sunset where the Sun was bigger than I ever saw it.

His massive cloak of cloud streaked with reds & yellows.


We suddenly realized we never had to leave.

It struck us both profound.

We was silent in joy.


We have met some incredible people here and you will meet them in these pages.

We been going up & down the coast & will head North towards Cannon Beach & Seaside the next fine day.

Bridge at the Park

We are in the process of developing sea – legs, hahaha.

Travel here can be slick, especially after years of walking dry & hard desert flooring.

We ain’t felt the ground give like sponge beneath our feet so long we had forgotten.

There’s alot of bump to this land.

This is a sign you see in Oregon a lot.

slippery when wet

The Lady figured out got take the hills up like a hiker & come down like a dancer.

Me & our new friend Max prefer a more solid ground

Especially after I took a little tumble a few days back.

Nothing broke.

Thank Goodness.


Right now, we getting our duds on to go to the Karaoke with our pal Rebecca!

I never done that before!

What fun to enjoy others singing & sing myself again!

I hope they got smokey blues on the machine.

I’m in a mood to slip & slide.


Later taters!




artwork by codifyer



6 thoughts on “Day 12 :: Laughing All the Way by LuRain Penny

  1. Dear Lurain What a lovely place to move too and just love your description, I have been invited to Vegus to do a talk on Addiction and Emerging Therapies in July, not sure if I ma going to accept yet. Was looking forward to meeting you and now you moved hundreds of miles away. To a very nice place by the Sea. I live near to sea and I love it. best wishes

    Peter Smith Talking Cures

  2. Slip and slide but no more tumbles, okay? Such a lovely and interesting life…hope you are enjoying every single moment of it!

  3. hahaha! That story coming up! Got a back load of experiences to post. Having too much fun to stop & write it all down.
    Thanks for being with us, dearheart.

  4. hahaha! Had to get me new shoes – boots really for better traction – feels like I’m walking around with two Kleenex boxes filled with sand on my feet! hahaha!
    Steady as she goes ;-)
    Thanks for keeping in touch & caring, dear.

  5. It is wonderful here, a bit to adjust to as to temps & dampness, but the beauty is well worth it.
    Congrats on your pending trip to Vegas! I’m sure you with find it fascinatin’. It is just a wealth of dis-function – hahaha You should go just for the experience to seeing it.
    We are now over a 1000 miles away from it, in more ways than one!
    Thanks for your kind thoughts & wishes on our Big Adventure.
    We still credit you with giving us both the courage to make the leap!!
    Much Love,
    LuRain & aza

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