Day 21 part 2 :: Laughing All the Way by LuRain Penny

Teapot Shop

 Greetings from Newport, Oregon!

We been having a very interesting chat with our new pal Oskar.

He is a retired Merchant Marine.

He is 90 years old.

Tan, sturdy, close-cropped white hair – he looks 60!

“I shipped out before I  was born.” – a joke on the fact that he made his appearance in the World on a boat between Denmark & Sweden.

Oskar was from a small town where “anyone with more than 5 cows was important”.

His very important father liked to ‘beat the Hell out of me” so at 16 he went to Sea.

The Merchant Marines work for big shipping companies like the President Line.

Transporting merchandise all over the World.

During war-time, they operate in liaison with allied governments moving weapons & machinery around.

Oskar went thru WW2, Korea & Vietnam.

“I could tell you stories but I better not.”

He worked his way up to being second in command under the Captain.

“Got to be tough to carry that job.”

During his career, he’s had to battle pirates.

“It’s much worse now than in the past. They got large vessels. But you can take them out with hand grenades.”


He’s anchored to land now because his only daughter is severely ill & in residence on the coast.

If he weren’t here he’d be back up in Alaska.

“Alaska is the best. My good neighbor, about 30 miles up the road, has a big still. You can be normal up there.”

The Lady asked him how it is with the Ocean nowadays.

” The Ocean? It’s all going to hell. A garbage dump. Plastic everywhere. People don’t care anymore.”

That broke our Hearts.


Big Wave

The other day the Lady was out on some far rocks taking snaps.

Folks get swept away by wind from high places around here, so she was warned most sternly when she got back.

Anyway, she was waiting for a big wave to crash against the shore & spray up so she could capture it.

Well, she caught it as you can see.

What you don’t see is it continuing up for some seconds before curling & splashing down all over her!


She watched it descend, frothy drops in multitude.

Like being Baptized, she said.

A Kiss from Big Mama Sea.


Well, that’s all for today, folks!

Planning a trip to Cannon Beach & Seaside this Friday, so keep in touch.

Love & Kisses,



artwork by codifyer



2 thoughts on “Day 21 part 2 :: Laughing All the Way by LuRain Penny

  1. How beautiful….”She watched it descend, frothy drops in multitude.

    Like being Baptized, she said.

    A Kiss from Big Mama Sea.

    Like all the best inspiring words, as a Maine girl familiar with the ocean, I was right there on the rocks with you! Blessings my dear!

  2. Blessings back to you, dearheart. This has truly been a magical experience – complete with ghosties! But that’s another story…
    Thank you so much for being with us!
    Much Love,

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