Laughing All the Way :: On the Crest of a Wave by LuRain Penny

The Mother Waving at you!

Never turn you back on the Ocean. Never – our new pal Becca


Living next to the Ocean is an awesome experience.

She is alive!

Vast, terrible, fascinating, magnificent, incredible.

One cannot stand within any distance of Her without feeling Her immense power.

From Her depths She speaks.

Deep booms & grumbles which echo thru the body like thunder.

She is the Belly of the Mother, from which all Life is born.

One cannot help being in AWE!

The Beings that reside within & around Her are synergistic company.

They know & harmonize with Her ways.

Except Man.

 Homo Sapiens treat Her like an ashtray.


It is indicative of the callous disregard for which all Life is held on this planet by those whose use force to control.

Can we really let them own the future, knowing what they have done with the past?

Perhaps the Mother already has the solution.

To sweep the surface clean of us & start over.

She could do it you know.

Never doubt it.

Learn to Ride Big Water.

Thanks for listening.

Love to you,



artwork by codifyer



4 thoughts on “Laughing All the Way :: On the Crest of a Wave by LuRain Penny

  1. love that description! i live down in FL now on the gulf coast—love it although i wish we got bigger surf. i’m a singer/songwriter and i use a lot of nature for inspiration for lyrics—the beauty and power to be had from just observing is incredible! i just started a video blog on the creative process/some live playing. one of my new tunes that im in the process of recording (Sand Castle Queen) is directly inspired my hours of sitting on the beach watching huge surf while i was traveling through Central America! anyway, thanks for sharing about the wonders of the sea!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Congrats on your success – long may it continue.

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