Laughing All the Way :: Birds of a Feather by LuRain Penny


Howdy my dear friends!

We here in Depoe Bay having lunch of fish & chips with our new little buddy above.

Seagulls are one of the Lady’s favorite birds.

She is partial to the gliders & gulls are experts.

They also have a familiar call which harken back to her childhood experiences of summers on the coast.

This one posed in several positions for over 45 mins in exchange for bites.

Seagull on the Sea Wall

Seagulls is big!

They can be quite ornery & can intimidate a whole murder of crows.

Our pal was on its best behavior.

Took a bit of fish from the Lady’s hand, as used to humans as she is to inter-species relationships.

After it cleaned us out of fries, it took off with a swoop.

As my Granma Pen used to tell me,

when you stop feeding the birds, they leave you.

Gull in Grey by codifyer

Anyway, time to go in and sit by the fire.

It is a bit chilly here.

Weather in Oregon is always a complete surprise.

It can go from hail to Sun to stormy within a hour.

Always take your brolly & wear a good pair of boots.

Nightie Night!




artwork by codifyer




2 thoughts on “Laughing All the Way :: Birds of a Feather by LuRain Penny

  1. Aw… you sure know how to boost our spirits, don’t you sweet thing!
    We are certainly on an adventure – in more ways than we can say.
    Certainly searching for the best place to snug awhile.
    Mama Ocean is Awe Itself! All Her brethren creatures truly amazing!
    Many fascinatin’ folks met & much Magic, both Light and lesser.
    Suspect This is the Time of Our Life
    Trust All is Well in Your World,
    LuRain & aza

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