Laughing All the Way :: Land Ho! by LuRain Penny

The Promemade Seaside, Oregon


We have landed!

After 6 weeks on the Central Coast, we have come back up to Seaside fixin’ to stay a while.

With fondness we bade our pals there farewell & hope to see again soon.

Kim from the Java Bean in Depot Bay & the dear folks at the Nepali in Lincoln City.

We thank them for their encouragement, kindness & great food!

Already we miss our sweet kindreds, Rebecca & Samson.


Here he is giving himself a rug rub with joyful doggie abandon.

She & he are family now & you’ll be hearing more about them in future pages.


We are renting a tiny fisherman’s cottage close to the beach & are excited to get moved in tomorrow.

Since Seaside is further from the water than Depot Bay, it is drier up here even though it is just as rainy.

This is better for us because even the cat has a problem with mold & that blooms wherever is saturation.

Can’t get more soggy than living on the edge of Mama Sea.

Her breath wets the wind.

Moving here give us a chance to focus on Forest and its critters.

Saw our first chipmuck in 25 yrs yesterday!

We keep an eye peeled for BigFoot, who has been spotted around these parts.

After seeing ghosties at the Pirate Cove House, I am eager for further phenomomen.



The Woods are alive with birds of all descriptions.

Woodpeckers, robins, jays, sparrows.

There are geese & ducks on the Nehalem River which meanders through the town.

A great peace captures the Heart when surrounded by this aspect of Nature.

Breathing deeply of Green in all it’s permutations, heals the filling lungs.

We are happy.

;-) ^~^ (-:

Hope you are too!

Thanks for coming along.

Back soon.




artwork by codifyer



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