Laughing All the Way :: Codifyer Art on Sale at the Beach Puppy, Seaside!

The Beach Puppy

Thank you!

So pleased to announce that the Lady’s doggie card art is Now On Sale at the Beach Puppy in Seaside, Oregon.

This smart shop is right on Broadway, close to the Prom.

The owner Greta is a wonderful person whose love of animals extends beyond her own brood of dogs.

Among her family members are several chickens & a 5 year old Road Island Red named Peach.

“Not afraid of anything.” , her proud Mama told us.

Beach Puppy Greta

Beach Puppy has cute bling for your buddies, and practical products especially for coastal Oregon visits like harnesses & hoodies.

Keep the babes warm, dry & under control! Even the Big Guys!

Black Dog w ball

Seaside is a dog loving town. Many of the hotels & motels are pet friendly.

Some businesses even put out water stations in front of their shops.

Beach Puppy is the best stop for treats, including Greta’s own Sweet Potato Chips.

She can order any special food she doesn’t stock.

For travelers this is a big plus.


We can’t thank her enough for supporting the Codifyer’s art.

Coming into a new town ain’t always easy.

We’ve experienced nothing but kindness, encouragement & advice.

It has soothed our way considerable.

And taught us a vital lesson.

In this tough economic time, never forget to bolster each other up.

Share enthusiasm, exchange ideas, support endeavors.

Only through community will we thrive!


Check out the Beach Puppy on-line or drop on by & see when you at the beach.

We be lookin’ for you!

Then we’ll ride the Bumper Cars together!

Bumper Cars mstr





artwork bcodifyer




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