Laughing All the Way :: Setting up Camp by LuRain Penny

LuRain on a Rainy Day

My dear friends!

Whew! We have finally settled.

Thanks to all the fine folks here at Seaside we are now in a tiny fishermen’s cottage 2 blocks from the beach!

This is a bustling little town was the end of Lewis & Clark’s journey West.

The Statue on the Prom commemorates this achievement, though apparently the fearless leaders never actually saw the Pacific Ocean from here.

They stayed up in what’s now Chinook, of the Long Beach Peninsula, Washington area.

There’s a memorial to the Salt Cairn built in 1806 by some of  the expedition members.

The Lady used to visit it when she was a kid.

Lewis & Clark Salt Cairn Memorial

She sez it don’t look like she remembers.

In her memory, it was surrounded by gnarly forest trees, covered by vines & moss, with only one big pot on a pyramid shape rock pile.

Quite a magical place.


As I said above, we are living in a little fishermen’s cottage 2 blocks from the beach.

Since we got rid of everything she couldn’t get in her tiny car, we don’t have much in the way of furniture.

So there’s plenty of room for us.


There’s a lot of animals who live between & around the row of cottages here.

A resident seagull named Big Bob.

We see him very day.

A whole passel of feral kitties abandoned by folks who lost their homes.

Our neighbors feed them but some of them cats don’t look too good.

This is a hard environment to be without shelter.

Indigo watches them from out the front window, thinking no doubt, how lucky he is to have a loving family.

He knows what it’s like to be homeless.

Raccoons come at night to gobble any cat kibble not eaten during the day.

Then run around on the roofs having spats & fun.

We seen more critters since we been here than in the whole 15 years we was away.


Weather is part of everything one does here in Oregon.

Down in the desert, unless it was raining which wasn’t very often, the weather was always perfect or too hot.

Here, it changes so quickly that it can catch one unawares.

It snowed in damp flurries the other morning. Then by 11am the day was sunny & warming.

Clouds gathered into an early afternoon rain storm which cleared out by sunset.

The stars shone brightly that night like they’d had a bath.

And it was cold!!!!

This is the only place I’ve ever had to wear 3 pair of socks to keep my feet from freezing.

Stuffed in solid boots as easy to walk in as Kleenex boxes filled with wet sand.

I don’t mind the rain, even when it’s whipping sideways. I just don’t go out.

Me & the kitty spend those days dozing while the Lady cooks to keep the house toasty.


We’ve met some amazing people here. Like Janice, here with Indigo.

Janice & Indigo

She was wending her way to Bellingham Washington with her 2 kitties, Snowy & Clem.

We wish her the best of luck on her journey.

She is just one of the lovely folks we’ve come to know & count already as friends here.

Everyone been incredibly helpful & supportive.

And we are so grateful.

You will be hearing more about them in coming posts, if we ever catch up!


Here’s what we get to look at everyday!

Tillamook Head Seaside Oregon

Hope you are having a wonderful time where you are & that all is well in your World.

Thanks for coming along on our adventure!

More tomorrow.

Much Love,




artwork by codifyer 




2 thoughts on “Laughing All the Way :: Setting up Camp by LuRain Penny

  1. Thank you, dear Peter! It has been an enjoyable experience all round. We feel welcomed & are being gently woven into the social fabric of the area. So much to see & do!
    Hope all is well where you are.
    Much Love,

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