Laughing All the Way :: On Top of the Astoria Column by LuRain Penny

Astoria Oregon from the top of the Column

 Greetings from the Top of the Astoria Column!

Actually, I didn’t make it up the curling staircase inside.

Just thinking about heights gives me a nose bleed.


The Lady braved the trek to snap pics of the town & surrounding countryside.

Astoria is a very old town.

Lewis & Clark spent a dismal winter west of this site in 1805.

After that John Jacob Astor & his Pacific Fur Co. used this place to explore the wilderness & skin a lot of animals for coats & hats.

Logging has always been big business around here. The surrounding forest show the scars.

When the bottom dropped out of the economy, the timber industry took a big hit & many folks lost their jobs.

But it also slowed the de-forestation.



Astoria was an important port town because here is the mouth of the great Columbia River.

The air is filled with the sound of gulls, geese & seals talking.

One thing we noticed right off is how different river water smells from that of the Sea.

Much more fishy with less salt.

Astoria is bordered by 2 rivers, the Youngs is shown below.

View toward Tillamook Head from the Astoria Column

From this vantage, you can see all the way to Tillamook Head in Seaside.

Astoria is a very hilly town, stuck as it in on a high bluff.

It’s been called a ‘little San Francisco.”

Chock a block with Victorian architecture, funky shops & real unique restaurants, it’s got atmosphere.

That’s why movies been shot here since 1908, the best – known perhaps being  Kindergarten Cop.

Below is a snap of the Portway Tavern,  built in 1923, the oldest watering hole in the oldest American settlement west of the Rockies.

Portway Tavern

We ‘ve met some charming folks here including Vickie, owner of the Gypsy’s Whimsy Herbal Apothecary.

More about her in future posts.

There are several museums in town, including the very Victorian Flavel House & the totally modern Columbia River Maritime Museum.

They even has a little trolley that runs along the waterfront.

Astoria Trolley

There was only one thing that darkened our visit to Astoria on what was else a perfect day.

Will post that next, as I’m still struggling with how to express my feelings about it.

Meanwhile, imagine yourself on the very top of the beautiful Column, able to see 360 land and water.

The Wind is light, the Sun bright.

What a Beautiful World!

Astoria Column





artwork by codifyer



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