Laughing All the Way :: Blood & Swash by LuRain Penny

East Mooring Basin in Astoria

” A federal judge in Oregon has ruled that the National Marine Fisheries Service did not err when it reauthorized a program targeting sea lions for death in the Pacific Northwest.”

Seal Lions barking is one of the unique sounds that add to the cacophony of the Astoria airways.

We searched to find the source because as I have mentioned before, I love seals & sea lions.

There they were, crowded together on piers & docks in the East Mooring Basin.

Their conversation is deafening close to.

The Lady took some snaps, then spotted one Sea Lion with the number 25 tattooed on its back.

Reps from the Sea were on scene, so we asked them why.

Turns out that the Columbia River is the center of a battle.

Sea Lions eat fish.

That puts them in conflict with homo sapiens.

The decline of salmon & sturgeon in the Columbia is directly attributable to over – fishing & the construction of the Bonneville Dam.

Not I think the fault of Nature.

Many years ago, I did a performance for the owners of power plants, and was given some background material with which to play.

During a conversation between myself & a staff member, it was admitted to me that there was a ‘collective guilt over the loss of salmon in the River.’

They ate salmon for dinner.

‘Guilt’ did not extend to denying themselves the pleasure of enjoying what their grandchildren might not & then leaving lot on the plate as garbage.

Seal Lions in Astoria

Looking for ways to re-balance what they themselves threw out of kilter, the decision has been made to kill a certain number of Seal Lions to keep the fish stocks up for people.

The government has admitted to exterminating 25 since 2008, while capturing others for incarceration in zoos, labs & aquariums.

They can kill up to 92 this year.

If the critters do not desist from eating, even after being ‘hazed’ with fire-crackers, they are shot.

Worst offenders are tattooed first – with branding irons

The day we were there, one showed obvious signs of distress.

We were told it hadn’t moved for 3 days since this violation.

Sea Lion with fresh tattoo

Its back was an open sore, still raw & bloody.

It just broke our hearts.

How can anyone support this?

What good can it possibly do?

Homo Sapiens are so not evolved.

Congenitally conditioned  to be stupid, violent, & indifferent.

How can we let them have the future, knowing what they’ve done in the past?


 We stood there in sadness, sending the poor sealion all the Love we have for its healing & safety.

And to all the Planet in so much pain.

Suffering does not en-biggen the Soul.

It just hurts.


Make things feel better where you are.

The World is healed little by little through every act of kindness & caring.

Together we can create Miracle.

This I believe.





artwork by codifyer



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