Laughing All the Way :: Being on Seaside Time by LuRain Penny

Day at the Beach


Hope you all having a glorious Spring!

Seaside Time means going easily with the coastal ebb & flow..

We like it.

Today is a rainy day on the coast but never mind I.

We’ve come to appreciate the frequent changes in weather that are part of the Life here.

Keeps things exciting to be reminded that Nature is ultimately in charge.

A week or so ago, the Lady participated in the SOLVE Beach Clean-up.

Beach Clean - up

We applaud this great organization which helps keep Oregon beaches, parks & rivers clean & safe.

Many folks showed up for the Seaside event.

They scoured the sands for hours, finding objects as large as car tires to tiny pieces of plastic which fish can swallow.

Among the things the Lady discovered was a fragile skeleton of a minuscule bird, intact.

It had been buffeted by the Sea for who knows how long & held together.


She noticed there ain’t as many whole sand dollar or crab shells as when she was a kid here.

Just lots of broken ones.


After partially filling her bucket with flotsam, she wandered out to the water’s edge.

She still can’t get over that we are really here.

Everyday is one to give thanks to our lucky stars.

While watching the tide roll in, she saw something truly remarkable.

A ladybug had hitched a perilous ride on a piece of sand dollar.

Must have sprung out of its earthy womb & got blown out to Sea.

What a welcome to the World that must of been!

The plucky bug was smart, finding a raft & hanging on for dear Life.

Saving a Ladybug

Of course, it would be the Lady who found it & carried it to the beach grass away from wind & closer to food.

She & ladybugs have a thing going on.

Every year on her birthday, she gets a tub of them from the Nursery & lets them go at dusk.

It’s a small ritual of thanks for a miracle which happened many years ago.

In this age of material preoccupation, it is comforting to know that Magic continues to occur all around us.

It is up to us to keep it anchored here.


We see celebrations as water-shed events.

Marking passage of time, of growth, of gratitude.

Happy Birthday to the Lady and all other April babies.

May this new year bring you the blessing of renewal & hope for a bright future.

Believe & you’ll receive!

Ladybug Appreciation





artwork by thecodifyer



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