On Seaside Time :: Life’s a Beach by LuRain Penny

Len before the crash


Apologies for the long absence.

You’ll be pleased to hear the cause is not sloth.


Getting situated in a new place is fraught with excitement.

So many things to see & do.

Not the least is to figure out a way to make a living & that has been occupying most of the Lady I live with’s time.

Fortunately, she has many irons in the fire.

Which is good because me & the cat are only fit for laughs & lounging.


Indigo Relaxing


I wish I could capture in words the wonderful energy of the coast.

The saltiness of the air after a good crisp rain.

Wood smoke wafting from neighboring chimneys.

The heady perfumes of flowers which grow to height & abundance everywhere.

Daphne, Rhododendron, Lilac, Wild Roses, even the humble Buttercup – all blooming with abandon.


We’ve seen eagles, herons, cranes, sandpipers, robins, jays, geese & gulls.

Watching them fly free fills my Heart with joy & peace.


So many charming people here, like our new pals Len (above) & his friend Kaila.


Being around the exuberance of young folks is so invigorating.

My mind races to keep up with the effervescence of their fresh ideas.

Such fine individuals give me hope for the Future of our planet.


We’ve also made numerous animal pals, both feral & domestic.

Miss Penny & Sadie

We feel absolutely welcomed.

We have a true family of friends we love deeply already and from whom we receive encouragement & kindness.

Not to mention kisses!

The best way we can return their affection is to assist this community however we can.

Got a few projects already going.

Will let you know about them in future posts.


Thank you for coming along on our trip & for all your lovely comments.

Wish you are as happy where you are as we.

If you are not – find where your Heart is.

Then you’ll be Home.





artwork by thecodifyer



4 thoughts on “On Seaside Time :: Life’s a Beach by LuRain Penny

  1. Dear Lurain Well done to you moving a thousand miles starting a new life and career. Takes much courage at any time let alone it times of strife we are all in. Keep up the good work. My very best wishes. Peter

  2. My dear Peter, Your best wishes gratefully accepted & appreciated. Are you still going to Vegas? Take plenty of light frocks as Miss Marple would say – it’s hot already!
    It is truly fascinating & worth a gander.

    I thank you again for sharing Talking Cures with me, it gave me the release I needed to make the leap. ;-)

    We’ve missed you on the Twitter. Too bizzy like bees. And if there is a spare moment & it ain’t bucketing down, the Ocean! Real Life is much fun at the moment. Bumpercars!!

    Hope that every part of your Life is merry.
    Greetings to your loved ones.

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