On Seaside Time :: Strawberry Season by LuRain Penny


Hello from the beautiful North Oregon Coast!

Look what we picked yesterday!

We went out to Sow a Seed in Gearhart, a local family farm & nursery with a wonderful selection of herbs, veg & fruit as well as the most wonderful eggs from their proud & handsome chickens.

More about them in another post.

There is something so satisfying to go out & pick your own food.

From garden to table seems a more natural way.

We will have a chance to experience that on own on.

The Lady I live with has been gifted with a Community Garden plot in Seaside.

Community Garden

Thanks to Jan Barber for making that happen!

The community garden program with several locations around town is one of the best resources in this area.

It is open to any resident who will commit to taking care of their bed.

What the gardeners have created here is awe – inspiring.

Last year Jan was able to donate 100 lbs of potatoes to the Seaside Food Bank.


The Lady can’t wait to get started & she got already some things planted.

She’s real interested in growing veg from garden scraps. 

Stay tuned for further developments.


We are having the most amazing time!

Finally our little family has found a true Home, with many wonderful friends.

In fact, our dear pal Mary is having a birthday today.

Her tradition is to spend the day going to all her buddies presenting them with a piece of her famous Angel Food cake & fresh strawberries.

Giving is as much of Mary’s nature as breathing.

She is an inspiration & much loved here.

We are honored to be numbered among her associates.

Happy Birthday Mary!

And many happy returns!

Mary at the Estuary by codifyer

We hope you are as happy where you are as we.

Thanks for coming along our journey.





artwork by codifyer


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