On Seaside Time :: We Got Good News! by LuRain Penny

Spay & Neuter Thrift Shop of Seaside, OR by Codifyer


The Lady I live with been hired as the Business Manager for one of the oldest Non-Profit, Animal-Welfare Organizations on the Oregon North Coast.

 Spay & Neuter Thrift Shop of Seaside has been operating in the same location on the Necanicum  River since 1988.

The Organization provides low cost surgery certificates for cats & dogs in Clatsop County.

Proceeds of donated items & the loyal hard work of the Volunteers also fund monthly contributions to the local Food Bank & Animal Shelter for pet supplies.

She’s thrilled at the honor!

Gets to do her art for their Facebook & take plenty of snaps of doggies in the shop.

What could be better?

Everybody there is always laughing.

Enjoying what they do.


Indigo has stopped by in his stroller.

(Pix of that later)

I drop in now & then.

Misses Sadie & Penny

Come to think of it, I’m there almost every day!

A wonderful place to visit & for an old clothes horse like me a Treasure Chest.

Look at these adorable earrings!


Cat Earrings from the Thrift Shop

I’m a firm believer in supporting businesses that have strong ethic, value & contribution to a Better World.

Who care about the environment & their community.

Folks who give of their time freely for something greater than themselves impress me.

We both very proud to be associated with such admirable assembly and call them friends.

They are real Humane Beings.


Our time here just been Magical throughout!

Here’s a teaser for you!

I’m going to perform! In September.

Back on the Boards after many years.

Rehearsing already.

Am very happy.

Life is a Miracle that happens all the Time.


Thanks for coming along our journey.

We hope you are just as thrilled to be where you are.

Thrive on!





artwork by Codifyer


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