Miss Penny Performs at the Grateful Hearts Gathering

I spy w my little eye by codifyer

I spy w/ my little eye

photo by Mary Blake :: Artedup by Codifyer



I stand on the brink of experience!

The wonderful pianist Jennifer Goodenberger and myself are appearing in Seaside, Oregon

for a wonderful evening in celebration of community.

Grateful Hearts Gathering, hosted by the Sunset Empire Parks & Recreation Foundation & the Astoria Co-Operative.

Around the Stone Soup, each gives what they can to All.

Fresh sustainable fruit & veg, grown locally with the 4H Baking program youngsters home making bread.

A collaboration of real gratitude for the bounty of Earth and the beauty of friendship.

Proud to be a part.

Other than a one night stand in Vegas a few yrs ago, I ain’t tread the boards for almost 2 decades.

Very excited.

I’m going to have to double my Depends.


The process has been most enjoyable.

Jennifer is a kind, loving person and masterly arranger.

The set will be a mix of my own tunes & American Standards, blues & swing.

I won’t have any trouble remembering the lyrics.

Got ’em writ on the inside lid of my eye.


LuRain Contemplates by codifyer

The snaps of me here was took by our friend Mary whilst trying on hats for the show.

I plan to be pleasantly over-dressed.

It’s an occasion of a Life time.

Knock on Wood we knock’em dead!





artwork by codifyer


2 thoughts on “Miss Penny Performs at the Grateful Hearts Gathering

  1. I’m sure you’ll WoW them in a big way! Have a blast, my friend. Wish we lived 1,000 miles or so closer or I’d overdress to come cheer ya on! :-)

  2. Thank you, dearheart! Hope to get snaps & some video of it if we lucky. Appreciate your cheer!! ;-) Love, LuRain x

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