LuRain Penny sings for Grateful Hearts

LuRain Penny Sings by codifyer

LuRain sings for Grateful Hearts

Photo by Miss Jean  *  Arted Up by theCodifyer


A wonderful evening!

Thanks for the memories.

Love to All,



artwork by codifyer



5 thoughts on “LuRain Penny sings for Grateful Hearts

  1. So glad you enjoyed. We working on something that might be a surprise ;-)
    Wish the very Best of Everything to you, my dear Peter.
    Thank you always for your help & constant encouragement!
    You are one of the Good Ones.

  2. Dear Lurain.

    Thank you for your message, well received am so pleased to see you are running your life as you should, as a Right not a Gift.

    But where’s me song…? LOL

    Meanwhile Have a Lovely Christmas and a Great New Year.

    Lots of Love and best wishes.


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