LuRain Penny, From There to Here – encapsulated life history – 3

Selfie by LuRain Penny


 I’ll pick up where I left off – going through the triangle of stars.

Even one with a big vocabulary tussles with how to explain profound vision.

Fortunately, Truth always sounds true.


From the smallest microbe to the largest galaxy –  we are all the body of creation.

We are each unique yet replaceable as a blood cell.

Nothing ever dies, just changes into something else.

Even beings as damaged as I heal.


I came to disoriented.

First time seeing the cellular phone, video, computer.

There’d been other wars on by then.

History Channel showed me how Viet Nam ended.

I felt sorry for myself til I started watching T.V.

Now I feel that way for everybody else.


I joined up with this little troupe of characters who needed a singer.

We toured around the States. Living together like circus animals.

I was brought out of myself by the audience.

Began in the gay bars in Seattle.

Nothing like bitch fighting to teach you verbal badminton.

They’d whack me a game cock. I’d smack back.

Soon we was conversating comfortable as the queens we were.

Sharing intimate details with the crowd became part of my act.

Enjoying myself for the first time.


Finally, we made it to NYC.  I was the headliner.

Played all the clubs – Top of the Gate to the Bottom Line.

I appeared on stage, and in a film with Frank Gorshin.  Opened for Ray Charles, Taj Mahal, and Dr. Billie Taylor.

For a short while had my own radio show. Just love radio, I am far too fugly for  the tube, but my voice is distinctive.

Almost 20 years ago I had a stroke.

No doubt, due to my past bad behavior.

The lady I live with gave up her own plans to care for me.


Struggling to get care in this society if you poor can be a very scary situation.

And I was very angry.

Through it all, she schtook by me. Never left me to my fate.

Most everything come back to me.

But not in the right order.


 An alcoholic drinks to lose control.

The maintenance drinker drinks to stay in control.  Sometimes takes years to find the balance.

I’m most abstemious these days.

(Frankly, I think she waters it down.)

Content, being grateful to be alive..

I performed in Vegas a few years ago.

And just this last year at the Grateful Hearts Gathering in Seaside, Oregon.

The culmination of years of hope and wish.


Appreciation to the lady I live with, carting me around and typing all these blog things.

Hugs to everybody who has read me and become my friend, here in the Bug Cluster of the Global Communication.

(Just love the modern technology!)





-lp(c) updated 01/26/15

Photo Credit : LuRain Penny ‘selfie’


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