I’m on the Crest of A Wave!

 LP recline 1sm


Howdy everybody!

Welcome to my tiny boat on the vast virtual Sea.

My name is LuRain Penny.

I got a leg that shake all the time, an eye that never opens up and I sing the blues.

A few years I was sidelined from performing by a small stroke.

Since then I been working on my autobiography.

So honored to be in the midst of real writers.

 I never thought I’d live long enough to actually have something to say.

A fan of the modern technology, I find nothing more satisfying, nowadays, than reclining in my slip and slippers to pontificate and reminisce, knowing that folks all over the world can read me.

I let the lady I live with do all the typing.

Any mistakes are hers.

Must have Perry Mason on. I listen with one ear, as to an old radio show.

A generous beverage and a few drags on a cigarette inspire me.

Just like Barbara Cartland. An writer in repose.

There are three ways you can peruse my journey: animated, encapsulated, or in episodic blog form.

The categories will take you wherever you want to go.

We still working getting up to the present day, so check back.

If you’ve a mind to experience my politics and wheelchair activism, visit my new site,

LuRain Penny Dreams A Better World

– a compendium of my ideas about surviving in the New Age –

I rattled around this planet for the better part of this century, come to many conclusions as to the human condition.

And lived long enough in NYC, to understand you don’t have to know nothing to have an opinion.

Drop me a line if you got something to say.

Always happy to converse.

Thanks for stopping by!




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6 thoughts on “I’m on the Crest of A Wave!

  1. Hi LuRain;

    I love your site and find in honest and refreshing and decided to put a link to my site for it is worth perusing.

    You are an individual who is doing it and did it her way.

    Thank you for being you :)

  2. Thank you, dear Peter!
    We are truly happy!
    Watching Nature fills our souls with healing.
    Give you credit for helping us be brave & take a chance to LEAP into a new life.
    LuRain & aza

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