Dog is God Spelled Backwards – part 3 :: Grief, Miss Penny mourns


 On June 1, our beloved pal and guardian left us.

Since then we have been in deep sorrow.

There are no words to describe the hole this leaves in our life.

He was old, very old.

He had gone blind during the last year and was hard of hearing.

Stumbling and falling became daily occurrences.

His spirit, loyalty, humor and lovingness were still strong, however his physical body failed him.

The lady I live with chose to let him go rather than watch his continued decline which might have resulted in his dying alone.

He was the first, only, and last dog  I will ever love.

We feel an urgency to live up to his memory of patience, forgiveness and courage.

To give his presence on this Earth the tribute it deserves by following his pure example.


He had been left in a basement for the whole first year of his life.

Abandoned by the folks who owned him – relagated to being the beast below.

He was just a puppy – had no inkling why he was locked up.

He barked for so long, that by the time they dumped him in the shelter the doctors thought he’d had his vocal chords removed. All he could manage was a hoarse yelp.

The vets wormed him twice in a month – so ravaged by parasites he was.

This treatment ate his guts out – making him allergic to almost everything.

The lady I live with cooked for him everyday of his life.

He grew healthy and vibrant.

A champion swimmer and ball catcher.

The kids called him The Hercules of Dogs.

He played with everybody – getting old folks up to toss a few, entertaining the homeless with his stellar leaps, and even dropping the ball beside the tiniest child.

All felt the warmth and generosity of his attention.

And marvelled in his superb athletics.

He affectionately tolerated kitties, turtles, birds and a whole host of unlikely creatures his Mom brought home to the Cody Pet Hospital.

When her fish died, he went over and kissed the bowl.


He was the best of us.

Our depth of missing is profound.

How lucky we were to have known him, basked in his adoration – enjoyed his jokes, tricks and sympathy.

Counted on his protection.

He had a good life.

We are better for it.



Love you, sweething.







11 thoughts on “Dog is God Spelled Backwards – part 3 :: Grief, Miss Penny mourns

  1. Ain’t no pain like LuRain’s love pain. Hope you feel the cyber sympathy, it’s real.

  2. Hi LuRain;

    When I look into their brown eyes, and we have 15 pairs here with four legs and one with three legs, I often wonder what goes on behind them.

    They all have unique personalities and characters.

    When one of females is in heat, the laws of the jungle prevail, just like man and woman.

    That is why they grow on us and we come to love them in return.

    They may not speak to us but make themselves understood.

    Your Hercules would want you to get another puppy, not to replace the memory of the one that went away, but to bring life and love and a few giggles along with the annoyances to remind you there is life a foot.

    You will love another again and I think the both of you could use it.

    Think about it :)

  3. Thou shall have no other Dog before his return – sayeth the Muse.

    Besides, I’m too old for puppy bizness. ‘~)

    Love to your brood and you,


  4. Thanks, Phil.

    Mostly now we realize how lonesome it is without him.
    Don’t be a stranger, come back and let us know how you be.
    Gratitudes to your kind condolence.

  5. You each brought out the best in each other. That’s how life should be. And that’s the example you all have given us who love you. And none of us mourn alone. You’re in my thoughts.

  6. when my beloved sugar passed, i had been waiting for days for her to let me know it was time…she hated the vets office and always knew when it was there we were headed instead of just a ride. i didn’t really think she’d want to say her goodbyes in his office, but i waited for her to tell me.
    anyway, i waited, i walked the floors at night as she, in her discomfort, paced. when she did lie down, her head was in my lap and i know we both cried….for each other.
    i lost a son, a few years before and as the date of his suicide approached each year, i spiraled into a depression that was hard to bare..sugar always knew and became my shadow during those dark days.
    “the day” came and went. the very next day, as i went down to tend the chickens, sugar roused herself to go with me as she had done every day for years, until her illness prevented it. i slowed my steps to accommodate hers but when i got out to the chicken coop, i realized she wasn’t behind me.
    a few steps back, she had laid down and breathed her last.
    she waited, you see, until she knew i’d be ok and then died, as she lived, helping her mama with the chores.
    i miss my sweet girl, every single day and each time i pull into the driveway, i look to see if she’s waiting. i guess she is waiting for me, somewhere. and someday, i know, i’ll see her again.

    thank you for sharing cody’s story.

  7. This is so touching, thank you for sharing with me. I’m glad Sugar passed with you in sight. My heart is full of tears. You will see her again I am sure. Many years ago, my Angels told me in a dream – That Which Is Yours Returns To You. I know they were right. All points in Time & Space Connect by Love.
    Thank you again, Jayedee. xxx!

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